Friday, June 26, 2009

ok, it's not a secret's not, it's not, it is......

really, yes, it's for real, it's our dream come true!!! SCRAPPEGODIS (that's scrapcandy) opens august 15th. You can read all about it in our blog** (we, that's me and my friend Hanne!)
we're located at Sandaker in Oslo, we'll hold crops and teach classes and be a really funky and colourful store, but of course, any costumer with any style will find their favourites, at least that's what we're aiming at!
I'm so sorry I've been a terrible blogger, and haven't been able to comment on any blogs either, or be active in forums or anything, but we're crazy busy right now, and we will be for some time forward lol

hope to see you all for grand opening in august, but of course, I'll come back with info all the time, and keep checking the Scrappegodis blog as well!!

and now, to something completely different: jeg må skrive det på norsk også nemlig, VI ÅPNER SCRAPPEBUTIKK!!
På Sandaker i Oslo åpner Scrappegodis 15.august!! All info dere trenger ligger i bloggen vår, som selvsagt er på norsk, og vi ønsker alle supervelkommen! det blir en fargerik og glad butikk, med varer for enhver smak, enten det er freestyle eller vintage. Det blir selvsagt både kurs og treff og masse moro, klikk deg videre og les:):)

Nå er det alt sent på natt og jeg skal kanskje snart først....tusen takk til alle kuleste scrappejentene jeg har møtt på min vei hit til å starte egen butikk, digger dere alle sammen, jeg blir glad bare jeg tenker på alle morsomme treff jeg har vært på.

Ha en super natt og morgendag, I'll be back!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm back lol*

just to say that I'm in a hurry, cause my boyfriend is soon back from work, and we're having a barbecue with his sister! so so sorry I can't share funnier stuff than a nighttime photo of NYC, it was all a blast, and I bought the-really-prettiest-dress-ever, but it was also sooooo good to be home again, I belong on the countryside, I never want to live in a big city. I heart the grass, trees and flowers, and the fresh air! and my little tiny house! and the tomato plants, and the strawberries that are now in bloom!!

anyway, another reason I'm insanly busy is....oh dear, I can't share yet, in a few days, I promise, I want to tell everybody so so so much, it's really a big thing coming up!! (no, I'm not getting married and I'm not preggie lol) but it's something really really cool happening in scrapbooking!! stay tuned, I hope you will be as excited as I am!!

love you all, have a great evening***

(and btw I got tons of new scrapbooking goodies, can't wait to get started!!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm off tomorrow!!

I'm sorry I didn't blog for so long, I've been really busy planning my trip, making fun stuff for my boyfriend, and so and so and so... here's a lay-out I made last week, I lurve the pink**

I hope to be back from NY with lots of fun stuff to share, my cowboy-kit is ready, but I won't be putting it up for sale until I'm back.
I'll be reading mail, maybe blog a little while I'm gone, but not with photos I think.

take care, see you soon*****

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

more lay-outs!

I actually used my sewing maching, this has never happened before, and I did make the cactuses myself! ( I have a cowboy-kit coming up, stay tuned!)** (...and I did again use flowers lol...)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

pink post

it's been such lovely summer here this weekend! today, the wind is back, and it's not that hot anymore, but still sunny and inspiring:) thought I'd share my favourite smoothie recipe for this gorgeous time of the year! (and I swear, it makes you wanna scrapbook!)

2 handfuls of frozen strawberries
enough rasperry drinking yoghurt to make the strawberries blend
one banana
the juice from one orange

put it in your blender in this order, and you will be so happy**

here's some japanese candy I bought, I was walking peacefully in tiny Oslo, when I suddenly spotted a japanese store!! (at Majorstua, can you believe it!) these Pocky were delicous (I need to check my spelling...) and in my fortune cookie, it said I was ready for a big travel ha ha and I am, going to New York in ten days!

still, I'm the crazy scrapbooking lady, will share more lay-outs tomorrow, now I have a painting to do, and then I'm off to visit a friend, we have very cool, secret plans**

see you xoxo