Thursday, May 7, 2009

sun & thunder all at once!!

crazy weather today, changing all the time!! at my boyfriends place, electricity just dissapeared the other day, it appeared to be a broken cable, and it might take two weeks until it's fixed, they have to dig, and well, things don't happen fast:p anyway, now we have a temporary cable laying through his house, and out the back door, crawling over the lawn, and dissapearing into his mothers cannot close the back door, and it's sooooo cold!! I'm glad I'm back home now!
***rain or not, here's some of the things I've been making lately, the fruits etc are felt brouches, will be up in my etsy soon. I also have new lay-outs:

this one is about me being in love with the 80ies, my decade. I used lots of bam pop paper and clips from magazines, film strips, and the sticker from an old cassette. (I drew the new cassette around it...) the photo is of my favourite pez-figures**

here's an old car I passed, walking to the bus the other day... I used scenic route and october afternoon papers, a band aid, some christmas mushrooms and pink thickers. I really wish I drove an old, I don't drive at all!

last lay-out, photos from ukraine, a blue apple from my papers, and some love elsie clouds. I love the photos, so I didn't want to over-work them! rub on birds are jenni bowlin, chipboard mushroom are sassafras.
I also have some new drawings, this on is called corncarrot. I thought of digitally colouring the background, but my computer keeps dying when I try to innstall the new friend says it's a hard disk problem, and nothing to do...maybe I need a whole new computer???

then last, let's twist again with turkey mama lol do you think she knows how to dance???
xox see you soon!!


Spionrumpa said...

Hei. Idag kom pakken, og den har allerede blitt brukt :D Sjekk gjerne resultatet i bloggen min.

Mvh Katrine :D

Anette S said...

Åh, så søte frukter! Jeg har akkurat bakt muffins, men kastet halvparten! Kanskje jeg kaster resten også... Skulle lage muffins og pynte med sjokoladeknapper i anledning Coraline i morgen, men siden jeg er litt syk i dag brukte jeg ferdigmixmuffins og de var ikke noe gode i det hele tatt! :( Håper det kommer en høne og legger egg hos deg akkurat NÅ! Det hadde vært bra!

Lindus said...

Heia:D Ja tenkte jeg skulle prøve å blogge litt jeg og:)
Mye kult på sida di altså, arka dine er jo kongerå:D
Gleder meg til å følge med på det her:) Og ja, håper vi scrappes snart igjen:D Trist å ikke få vært med på sist treff.. men men.. Vi sees:) Klem, Linda

Ladybastard said...

awwwww in this blog there are only cute stuffs!!!
i'll place an order so so soon!
can't wait ;)
love u cutie pie!

Nina`s Rosa verden said...

Åh, så søte frukter!!!
Takk for hilsen i bloggen min:-)
Savner PT jeg....
Er snart ferdig på skolen, nå gjenstår bare hovedoppgave og eksamen så er jeg Grafisk designer!!!
Håper vi sees snart!

ania said...

Kjeeempesøte tegninger og filtcandy! :D