Wednesday, May 13, 2009

short little post

I'm still behind on posting my lay-outs, here's one from our crop. it's about swedish cinema Draken (the dragon), who is now closed. the sign, the green dragon, is famous all over Sweden, and is still glowing... I handcut the title from woodgrain foil and drew a tree on the orange paint. the dragon card is bought on Etsy.
today, I had a photoshoot with my friend, I have to make a mini album for the final in the grand prix contest, the photos were really cool and beautiful, I can't share most of them yet, as I want them to be secret for the competition, but you can see one to the left here. I do love my garden, it's great for photographing!!
we might be going out on the cottage tomorrow...but not sure, will know tonight...
have a great evening, hope you have strawberries, like I do** xoxo


Charlotte said...

Super cool layout!
Morsomt at læse historien om den grønne drage i Sverige. :-)
Det er så flot det træ du har tegnet - og mange fine og spændende ting du har brugt på layoutet.
Jeg har sagt det før, og jeg siger det igen: Jeg kan vældig godt li' "Tovetyll stilen".
Rigtig god dag til dig.
Klem fra Charlotte

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