Saturday, May 30, 2009

new lay-outs...finally!!

...I am so inspired lately, I want to scrapbook more than ever, and still, not so long before that, I felt stuck, and didn't know how I would approach my lay-outs in-the-making, since I felt I was doing the same over and over. white cardstock. 6x12. some paint. some fun stuff. one photo. done.
I felt I really had to try to widen my horizon again, and be fresh and new to scrapbooking. so, I went through my stuff, and realised I didn't have to limit myself so much, it's ok to use the old tags I thought was boring before, it's ok not to journal all the time, it's ok to do 12x12 again. so I am. I'm exploring new stuff. I'm even tearing the edges of my lay-out, and using looooots of thickers ha ha I've been saying for months that I want to draw the titles myself, and I do, but sometimes it's ok not to do it... when I look at some of the lay-outs, it feels funny, since they're a little different from the rest of my work. I hope they still have the tove-twist to them...

here's sassafras, some tickets, beads, lace, and a metal sticker that doesn't show at all, dang, and really: I used a flower!!
no kidding, I used a flower again! I'm challenging myself to use them, I mean, I did buy them, ages ago! (here I added some tulle!) paper is american crafts, tag is bam pop, rest is a little bit of this and that. the photo is a self portrait, I tried to look real glam lol

my lovely little bunny**** had to split two 8's to make the s, I was out of them! love this Love Elsie cardstock, the frame is hambly, and the brad is mm. (look bendichte, I distressed the edges rofl:D)

this paper is to die for, it's hambly, along with the rub on. flower is american craft, other papers are sassafras and scenic route. I tried to make it simple, yet cool, the photo is of my boyfriend, climbing a tree in Ukraine, last summer. hard to spot, but he's up there*

Hambly background, thickers, and a rose from an old embroidery pattern. I love vintage stuff, and I love taking these kind of photos. the little deer is from a package of biscuits! (we used to get them when we were kids!)
today, I've been scrapbooking even a little more, I've been outside all day with my friends, relaxing in my garden, I'm so happy to have a garden that I can't explain it. and it's sunny there all day around, until late evening!
I've been wearing my cowboy hat and walked around bare footed. now my stocmach is really full, and my head is tired. my boyfriend has fallen asleep beside me, he's so so so sweet and beautiful!!
will share photos from the garden-day soon!
I'm totally happy now, hope you are too! (and I really appreciate to hear what you think of the that I'm exploring a little...)
xoxo see you soon!


Anonymous said...

Så superflotte LOer! Elsker fargene dine! Blir så glad og lys til sinns når jeg kikker innom bloggen din, og ser på det lekre og fargerike du lager! :)

Scrappelise said...

Superherlige LOer igjen Tove! Det er virkelig sant at man blir i godt humør av dine spreke arbeider. Man kan rett og slett ikke unngå at humøret stiger skikkelig!

Ann-Katrin said...

Wow, digger sidene dine. Føler at scrappestilen din har utviklet seg veldig i det siste. Og jeg liker absolutt det jeg ser... eller jeg digger det! Elsker fargebruken din og morsomme små detaljer.

Anonymous said...

virkelig coole layouts! og det er altid godt at udforske scrap verdernen ;) men man kan stadig sagtens se det er tove's layouts :)
hav en god søndag!

Madam said...

Kjempeflotte LO´er du har laget.
Får skikkelig "glad-følelse" når jeg ser dem.

Vibeke said...

Så mange flotte Loer du har laget her!! Liker alle fargene dine - og fin variasjon i alle du har laget her - selv om dem alle har en touch av Tove:)

Nora said...

åh, elsker dem! knallfine:D

Linda S said...

Flotte LO'er!! Elsker den kreative og flotte bruken din av farger og pynt :)