Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm so in love with my sweet boyfriend*

so, I made a drawing of us! I feel so inspired now, I have so much to share, but I can't put it all in one post lol, so I promise to blog a lot this week! I've been drawing...a turkey, some houses, I've been painting; cactuses and a banana....I've been scrapbooking...more bananas, an old car, 80ies fun...and some secret I can't share yet...
and I've been photographing, here's some photos from last weekends market days at grünerløkka:

this lovely shop sells vintage childrens clothing, Zecra, who runs the shop is supersweet, and, I mean, she sells all the dresses and cool t-shirts I want to wear. (I'm sadly to big ho ho)
her link is www.skrulla.no I'm sure all you people with children will rock the world after shopping here!

sooooo beautiful!! such a tiny place, so filled with candy inspiration!!

this is fretex, markveien, very cool store, I just want to move in right away. rest of the photos are from the street market, vintage fun and clothes.

will be back soon, with more fun**

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