Monday, April 27, 2009

a winner** and nice weekend-stuff:)

My lovely boyfriend drew the winner of my giveaway, Hana Jane Mickley, congrats!! Send me your adress at, and you'll get my papers in the mail!!

thank you thank you thank you all so much, for your sweet comments and feedback, I appreciate it SO MUCH!! I am so grateful and humble that I can be an inspiration for other scrapbookers, and share the joy I get from colours and funky lay-outs. if I can make people break out of their boundries and scrapbook like they never have before, than i'm on cloud 9!!
when I teach classes, I use to say that the best thing about scrapbooking freestyle, is that nothing can go wrong. any mistake is always possible to cover up!
I think that's the best adivice I can give; let loose and don't think to much, just go for it!!

I can't wait to see what you can make of my papers, next month, there will be a challenge with them in my 124dynamite blog, with great prizes, so stay tuned lol

this weekend I've been flea market shopping, I luuuuuurve it so badly, found lots of fun stuff, Nancy Drew retro game WHOA, and also a pink panther shirt I forgot to photograph!

...and this beach ..uhm...mattrass... (is that what it's called????) just begged me to take it with me, when I put it on my bicycle carrier, you could clearly see it had found home**
(will photograph that too!!)

some more sweet weekend stuff... my apple dress!

sweet gift wrapping paper!!

inspired by siljevanilje's eyeshadows...some flock from doodlebug*

poor balloons....they have seen better days!

foccacia dough! yummi!!


Tea said...

Hurra for loppis!!! :D Jeg eeeelsker å handle på loppis og fant også noen kupp i helgen som var!!

Ha en strååålende fin dag Tove!! Klem

Anonymous said...

Hei. Ser at du selger 80-ies love scrapbooking kit i etsyen din. Er det noen annen måte å få tak i dette på enn å handle derfra? Jeg har ikke annet enn nettbank å handle med skjønner du :P

Mye flotte ting du lager, er ofte innom og titter.

Mvh Katrine Lunde.

tovetyll said...

heia:) klart du kan få kjøpe kit'et gjennom vanlig post og nettbank. send meg en e-post på, så fikser vi!! så gøy at du liker kit'et mitt!