Tuesday, April 7, 2009

lovely amelie♥

another lay-out from grand prix-comp: use colour but not white cardstock!! iiiikkkk... I got myself a challenge there, I'm always, always using white... after I finished this, I was exhausted! stine is my witness, and renée (who made the challenge) would take no responsibility for my mental meltdown ha ha ha it was great fun, and I'm very happy with the lay-out now. I'm also seriously in love with those lemon yellow letters. where can I buy more, does anyone know a norwegian online store who has them?
our crop is drawing closer (YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!) and I'm preparing the class I'm teaching, our prizws for competitions and my little shop. it's gonna be so much fun, my class is budget freestyle. it's bad financial times now, but it dosen't stop fun scrapbooking, it will be colours all the way, still! I also hope to teach this class at Steffens, later this spring. will keep you posted!
...and....shhhh...my papers arrives from print tomorrow...but they are top secret until crop!! will share sneak peaks though!!
my stomach is dancing thinking about it, tonight I'm doing more scrapbooking, will share, and making cupcakes for my sweet boyfriend who's tired of boring work, he needs some comfort!!**
xoxo see you!!
btw does anyone have fab shopping tips and inspirational places to go see in NY, let me know!!


Nora said...

papirihjertet.no <- hadde dem sist jeg var der ;)

gleder meg til treff:) må forlate dere lørdag kveld for å dra på fest da..hehe. hvilken dag var kurset ditt igjen og klslett?

Renée said...

Hoho, du var med på eget ansvar så ikke skyld på meg :p hehe. Du kom jo ut av det med livet i behold da og som en sterkere person!!


Xstine said...

ååååååååå! for en FANTASTISK layout :D jeg elsker den! det må bli min nye tove-favoritt :D

scrappejungelen har de bokstavene sånn forresten ;)