Thursday, April 16, 2009

the day before crop...

I promised knitting yesterday, but it got postponed till now... I made a little bow tie for my skirt...or my jeans...or jacket...or anything:) I finished it out on the front steps in the semi-sun, I love being outside in spring!! and spring is here, really, snow is almost gone from our garden, and I wear converse every day!! I even ditched my winter coat whoa!!

I wrote that it's the day before crop, and of course our crop starts saturday...but for Stine and me, all the fun begins tomorrow!! we're off to get the last lottery prizes, the scrapbooking store, grocery shopping, making muffins, tons of details, and then setting up tables and's all so much fun!! tonight I'll do all the packing, and while we're waiting, here's a little candy from yesterday:

this was in my mailbox, I luuuurve etsy!! fun japanese paperstuff, from shop66!!

hama bead fun! and some bargain pink feathers!!

my basket is ready for my class! and I got new thickers and cupcake fun*

and yesterday I also played the piano a lot. I got amelie sheet music from my friend, and I've even ordered another book with amelie music, can't wait for it to arrive!!
now, I won't be online a lot for the weekend, but here's some sneak peaks of the kits and lay-outs for my class.
see you all on saturday, I'm so excited, I so much hope it will be great fun!!:D:D
xoxo Tove


Anette S said...

Oh, dere ser jo helt klare ut! Håper dere får en super helg! Oj, finnes Tiimari på Manglerud fortsatt? Der jobbet jeg for mange år siden når det åpnet! De har mye moro, men akk så rotete det alltid var der!

Merete said...

Gleder meg :) :)

Scrappelise said...

Uhuuuu, det er så synd jeg ikke kan bli med!

Hanna said...

Heia!! syns du lager utruli mye morsomt, om en kan si d:)noe helt annet enn d ej he sett i scrappeverden tidligere:) D ligger en ting til dej i bloggen min:)

Linda S said...

Mykje fint :)
Lenger nede i bloggen din såg eg bilder av ting som eg også har; Miffy og ein gul My Little Pony *mimre*
Håper det er greit at eg la inn link til deg på bloggen min.

Anonymous said...

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