Thursday, April 30, 2009

new paintings*

just a little art fun on a thursday morning**
today it's sunny, it's warm and me and my boyfriend just had lovely breakfast, with cheese and basil! have a great day everybody!

Monday, April 27, 2009

a winner** and nice weekend-stuff:)

My lovely boyfriend drew the winner of my giveaway, Hana Jane Mickley, congrats!! Send me your adress at, and you'll get my papers in the mail!!

thank you thank you thank you all so much, for your sweet comments and feedback, I appreciate it SO MUCH!! I am so grateful and humble that I can be an inspiration for other scrapbookers, and share the joy I get from colours and funky lay-outs. if I can make people break out of their boundries and scrapbook like they never have before, than i'm on cloud 9!!
when I teach classes, I use to say that the best thing about scrapbooking freestyle, is that nothing can go wrong. any mistake is always possible to cover up!
I think that's the best adivice I can give; let loose and don't think to much, just go for it!!

I can't wait to see what you can make of my papers, next month, there will be a challenge with them in my 124dynamite blog, with great prizes, so stay tuned lol

this weekend I've been flea market shopping, I luuuuuurve it so badly, found lots of fun stuff, Nancy Drew retro game WHOA, and also a pink panther shirt I forgot to photograph!

...and this beach ..uhm...mattrass... (is that what it's called????) just begged me to take it with me, when I put it on my bicycle carrier, you could clearly see it had found home**
(will photograph that too!!)

some more sweet weekend stuff... my apple dress!

sweet gift wrapping paper!!

inspired by siljevanilje's eyeshadows...some flock from doodlebug*

poor balloons....they have seen better days!

foccacia dough! yummi!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

it's my papers♥ ...and a giveaway!!

it's my dream come true!! I know it sounds a little silly, like a glamorous movie, but it really is so... I have my own paper line! it's called "spring will come" and contains six designs in a4 size (29,5x21 cm, or 11,5 x 8,2 inches). one of the sheets are tags, borders and fun stuff to cut out.
I've been working on this for such a long time, and it feels so good to be able to bring colours and fun to the scrapbooking world. I think my favourites are maybe the apples...
I'm not working for any company, It's solely my own little ToveTyll buisness!
If you want to buy my papers, send me an e-mail at:
Price is 8 kr / $1.30 pr.sheet. (sorry, I wrote £ earlier, that was not correct!)
(they will be up in my etsy soon, but not tonight, I'm exhausted from our crop lol.)

my place is now a mess of scrapbooking supplies in bags and baskets, but thank you, thank you, thank you to everybody for nice words and support on my paper launch at our crop, you are the best**

I also have a giveaway, with my papers of course! write a comment to this post about what you think of my papers? do you like them? what do you like the most? since it's my first papers, I'm excited to hear everything!
I will draw a winner sunday 26th of april, who gets a full paper line in the mail!

xoxoxox to all of you!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

the day before crop...

I promised knitting yesterday, but it got postponed till now... I made a little bow tie for my skirt...or my jeans...or jacket...or anything:) I finished it out on the front steps in the semi-sun, I love being outside in spring!! and spring is here, really, snow is almost gone from our garden, and I wear converse every day!! I even ditched my winter coat whoa!!

I wrote that it's the day before crop, and of course our crop starts saturday...but for Stine and me, all the fun begins tomorrow!! we're off to get the last lottery prizes, the scrapbooking store, grocery shopping, making muffins, tons of details, and then setting up tables and's all so much fun!! tonight I'll do all the packing, and while we're waiting, here's a little candy from yesterday:

this was in my mailbox, I luuuurve etsy!! fun japanese paperstuff, from shop66!!

hama bead fun! and some bargain pink feathers!!

my basket is ready for my class! and I got new thickers and cupcake fun*

and yesterday I also played the piano a lot. I got amelie sheet music from my friend, and I've even ordered another book with amelie music, can't wait for it to arrive!!
now, I won't be online a lot for the weekend, but here's some sneak peaks of the kits and lay-outs for my class.
see you all on saturday, I'm so excited, I so much hope it will be great fun!!:D:D
xoxo Tove

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

...I love scrapbooking...

it's the best, isn't it?? yesterday I was with Stine, scrapbooking challenge #4 for the grand prix, and doing the last planning of our crop, now we're almost ready, some fun remains to be done on friday, but it's just pure pleasure!!
I spent the day getting ready for my class, gathering the last supplies I need, now I'll start cutting cardstock and getting organized. a bit tired now, but will post some fun knitting and sneak peaks of secret lay-outs tomorrow**

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 papers are here!!

...and here's a little, tiny sneak peak!! saturday april 18th is the day of our crop, and so I decided to keep my papers a secret till then...but...really...I'm so happy now!! even though I've done everything myself, and are not connected with any scrapbooking company...I have my first paper line!!!! the collection is called "spring will come", and I'm already scrapbooking with them!
this is a dream come true for me, and I have reached one of the goals I have set for myself this year!! (schoolwork is not happening at this moment though ha ha will do better after crop)

I can't share either lay-outs for my class or lay-outs with my new papers, but here's a lay-out I made with old hambly paper from an old hambly catalouge:D do you remember the photo of the butterflies on the school wall? it had to be scrapbooked! I used paint, some other papers I'm not sure what is, a napkin, some paperclips, and a tag I from shabby chic. it was a quick lay-out really, the paper was so cool, so it went by fast. and....I'm using brown again!!

I also want to share this...sweet Roberta send me fun in the mail!!! thank you a million times baby, it's all so gorgeous!! and seriously, it's an ice cream pen!!! and ain't her drawing on cardboard fab?? what a great surprise to find in the mailbox!
visit Robertas blog, it's really cool, link to the left!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

lovely amelie♥

another lay-out from grand prix-comp: use colour but not white cardstock!! iiiikkkk... I got myself a challenge there, I'm always, always using white... after I finished this, I was exhausted! stine is my witness, and renée (who made the challenge) would take no responsibility for my mental meltdown ha ha ha it was great fun, and I'm very happy with the lay-out now. I'm also seriously in love with those lemon yellow letters. where can I buy more, does anyone know a norwegian online store who has them?
our crop is drawing closer (YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!) and I'm preparing the class I'm teaching, our prizws for competitions and my little shop. it's gonna be so much fun, my class is budget freestyle. it's bad financial times now, but it dosen't stop fun scrapbooking, it will be colours all the way, still! I also hope to teach this class at Steffens, later this spring. will keep you posted! papers arrives from print tomorrow...but they are top secret until crop!! will share sneak peaks though!!
my stomach is dancing thinking about it, tonight I'm doing more scrapbooking, will share, and making cupcakes for my sweet boyfriend who's tired of boring work, he needs some comfort!!**
xoxo see you!!
btw does anyone have fab shopping tips and inspirational places to go see in NY, let me know!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


it's strawberries!! ok, they're from spain, and they don't taste like norwegian ones in summer...but they were still quite good, and only 10 nkr at my supermarket... I've been longing so badly for strawberries the last weeks, but they've been so expensive, and I've gone crazy, dreaming... early this morning, the first thing I saw at the grocery store was this strawberries!! oh day have been splendid from that moment on!

I'm also so happy now, as daylight lasts for so long, I'm inspired to clean my little flat and start creating. today I'm doing laundry, I already got rid of dust and I've straightened out a lot of paper, books and confusing stuff that's been laying around. I also sorted out my scrapbooking desk, now it's shining**

it's hard to photograph, but it's black and see-through glass, with butterflies, leafs, flowers and ladybugs on it...I love it so much, it's a ball even cleaning it lol

...I didn't feel to well yesterday, every friday I work as a sub teacher, and it's exhausting, because it's so much noise and crazy children, with too much energy at my school. I love them, they are very sweet, I just wish I didn't have to teach them anything, it's much easier just chatting and telling them about stuff I like, like japan and kawaii style. they didn't know about it, and now they're totally interested and wants to know everything.
so, I came home from work yesterday, and just fell asleep, I was so done, but when my boyfriend came from work, he took good care of me, made me dinner and after a good nights sleep, I feel a lot better! I'm having ice cream later, and I have the famous before mentioned strawberries, I will make milkshake and prepare and print photos for new scrapbooking projects...
tomorrow I'm having dinner with Stine, and more friends, to plan....guess what...we're going to NEW YORK!! in june, oh wheeeee!! Trym and I never got to St.Petersburg this spring, as I wrote about earlier, because we couldn't get visa's in time, but now I'm off with the girls to NY!!!
...hope to do weird shopping, take tooons of photos and have fun!!
I won't be taking Trym this time, but we'll go to Ukraine or something in autumn instead, it' s not so hot there then, and we can enjoy the lovely place Lenino even more, and meet with our friends...

did an ultrasmall photoshoot they other day... ain't he incredibly sweet and handsome??

have a stunning weekend, hope you have strawberries too!!**

Thursday, April 2, 2009

my first*so*ever distressing!

it's for the grand prix comp again! we had to distress eeeeverything that was put on the lay-out! but I'm not into brown/embossing/alcohol ink++ but I figured 1950ies was old enough, and scrapbooked a genuin 50ies swedish, suburb lay-out. Vällingby♥ I love you ♥

I also finally updated my challenge blog, 124dynamite! (see link to the left)
aprils challenge is BEADS! (of course, you can win bead goodies!)

lovely weekend to all of you, I'll try to figure out some illustrator stuff I can't really get...must-read-my-book-more....

xoxo Tove*