Sunday, March 15, 2009

yesterday was my bunny's birthday**

he was five years old, and so, I finished this lay-out. yes, I did sew all the buttons, but it was ok, it was fun. the journaling tag I made with my gocco. I also drew the rainbow. (if you can't read the title, it says: where is my food?)

I also had a chocolate bunny yesterday!

friday and saturday I was scrapbooking with Stine and Merete, I made these two lay-outs, one from the harbour of Stavanger, the city that has purple houses!!! and another one of me scrapbooking in the garden, where the background paper is BASIC GREY:D:D that is some miracle, I never use their papers, but I was challenged by my friend Sosa, months ago. Finally here it is, a yellow basic grey.
the yellow tree is also tovetyll design lol made with my gocco. I also did the title for by hand, I wanted a funky one, since the paper was a bit cosy*

the grand prix competition at scrapbookexpress did also make an impact on our weekend, I mean how hard can it be to understand the rules??!? what are we supposed to do? no one knows ha ha ha we are too comfused!! I made a lay-out, but not sure if it will ever be accepted, the first try was not;) my friends also made their lay-outs....but they weren't accpeted either lol but we're not giving up, we just keep scrapbooking:D:D
to finish with, some photos from downtown Oslo.... I was walking the other day, and here's this old school, with butterflies on!! it's too beautiful, it made my day!!
have a great week everybody!! xoxo


Merete said...

Har du ikke spist opp sjokolade-kaninen`!?!!? Og grattis til gromkaninen :)

Kule LO'ene dine!! Skal begynne på et nytt bidrag til GP'n snart...må bare legge en GOD plan, for det trengs tror jeg:)

det var artig å scrappe, synge og spise med dere igjen:) Gleder meg til helga:)

Ha en flott uke og hils Trym og kaninen :)

pattyo said...

Happy Birthday to the bunny! How fascinating the butterflies on the building--how did they do that?

Ladybastard said...

awww happy birthdayyy ^_^
hey hey your package is on your way ;)

Anette S said...

Åh, hvilken skole er det? Så utrolig vakkert!

De kinderkaninene er så søte at man ikke kan spise de. Men jeg må spise godis når jeg har det i huset. Ergo: jeg kan ikke kjøpe sånne...

Sosa said...

Wow, der kom den gitt - BG-LOen! Ha ha, hadde helt glemt den jeg, men den ble superfin! Det var forresten alle sammen :)
Og grattis på etterskudd til kaninen din ;)
Gleder meg til messe og treff nå, skal bli koslig å se mange kje nte og sikkert bli kjent med nye også. Vi sees sikkert i morgen da. Ha en super scrappehelg da!

Forresten, har en award til deg i bloggen min :)

Merete said...

Har en liten award til deg i bloggen min :)

God helg:)
Ses i morra:)

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