Monday, March 2, 2009

lay-outs from friday, and then some fruit;)

juhu, my lay-outs from our friday crop is back home! (my tote is still at my boyfriends' though, I'm going to Stine tomorrow to scrapbook, so it's ok for it to just stay there until then. we have so much snow, I don't even want to think of pulling it through this heavy white fluff ha ha)

anyway, I did two lay-outs from ukraine and one of my bunny. this first one is from the beach by the azov sea. (btw the worlds smallest sea;) I used decorative tape, instead of patterend paper, and a hello kitty rub-on* I love to write directly onto the photo when it has lots of open space... actualy this photo is taken with our friend nikita's cell phone, he took several photos of Trym and me, and I'm so thankful for it, since mostly I'm not in any photos from this holiday ha ha I'm just behind the camera!

the second lay-out is of the dog Margo. she was found in the street and the father of Nikita, Valentin and his brother, and she became our friend immediately. here she's standing in the window of the parents apartment, on the first floor, outside the window is their small garden, one could just climb out the window to get herbs and tomatoes and anything that's needed for dinner making:)

on this lay-out, I used old playing cards I bought on etsy and also handwrote the title. I especially love the card with the little bee! (I will do a post with my fave etsy-shops soon I think!)

now....when starting on the third lay-out...I realise I made three lay-outs lalmost without any patterend paper at all! oh dear, and I'm the paper junkie!

this is of course my lovely bunny, complete with hand drawn hearts, for the challenge at scrappemania, their word for now is "heart". (see link to scrappemania on the left!)

I also made a little fruit...fruit frenzy, or fruit feed, I was considering different titles for this post lol. these are little I made for my etsy, and also some hama fun.

what do you think, do you enjoy reading details about the lay-outs, and the history behind the photos, or is it maybe most interesting for me...?? let me know, I'd be happy to hear your thought about what you'd like to read about, since I want my blog to be an inspiration for everybody who loves scrapbooking!

thank you everybody who's reading!! xoxo see you soon, with etsy fun and some


Merete said...

Søte frukter! Hils Stine og kos dere med scrappinga :)

ania said...

Yum! Digger å vite mer om layoutene jeg - alt fra historien og selve prosessen og materiale og sånn :)

pattyo said...

I love to read details and history about a layout. Keep up the good work!

Nora said...

Ja, jeg synes det er kjempefint når du skriver litt mer om sidene!:D Fin frukt..hihi:D

Tea said...

Morsomt å lese om historien bak LOene og hvordan du har laget dem!! :D

Kristine said...

Enig med de andre, det er kjempegøy å lese om sidene dine, både om bildene og lo'en.

Og bloggen din er absolutt en insperasjon - sidene dine er kjempekule:)

Ladybastard said...

i'm the happyest girl in the world!!
soon u'll receive mine ^______^
i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3

Gine said...

Herlig og fargesprakende

supert !!!!!

OG jeg er 6 timer bak deg i tid , så god morgen til deg, natta til meg :lol:

Renée said...

Synes det er spennende jeg :)
Fruktene var kjeeempesøte!!

Anonymous said...

Hvordan laget du pannekakene som hjerter?

Anonymous said...

nice, i just made a lot of bran-new emo backgrounds for my blog