Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I want to post a lot of things today...

first, some photos...they are from different places and occasions, I just realised I didn't post any photos in a looooong time..
I love the details in buildings etc and the change of seasons.

then, I promised you to write about etsy! I love etsy! everybody should shop etsy, there's so much cool stuff to be found, especially if you're an avid scrapbooker, who's constantly looking for embellishments and stash that's you can't find in your local store.
I have two favourites, first, my sweet friend MissSapporo
she sells lots of awsome kawaii and sanrio-stuff, fabrics, decorative tape, and totoro stamps:D:D:D

shop 66 is my other favourite, they sell lots of vintage toys and paper fun, perfect for scrapbooking!

I also was scrapbooking yesterday, as I told you, with my poor ankle-broken friend! she's doing better now, we had great fun, planned our crop, and made fun lay-outs.
I want to thank everybody who wrote comments about how you love reading details behind a lay-out, I'm so glad you enjoy it, I'll keep writing about my works, that's for sure!
so here goes: this first one here started out because I wanted to use the disney playing cards. then I found the photo to match them, and then Stine read in our fab pink forum that this months challenge was number, and in the book of me comp, you should make a lay-out about age! I felt I was already on my way, so I went for it ha ha.
I also used tulle and acrylic paint, and my pens, to draw title and the stars.

this is made of an old urban lily-paper (old favourite that is!) and with a bam pop tag. when Trym and I was at our friends cottage last summer, we took a walk down to say hi to the cows, and brought the guitar with us. we sat down, playing russian rock for the cows, but they didn't seem to enjoy it... first they startet looking at us, totally strange expression on their faces, then they ran off, as far as they could. ha ha cultural ignorants!!

another ukraine lay-out, I'll make a separate set for them at flickr, I have so many now!
this is Sasha the drummer, who is playing in a band with our friends. (now Sasha is our friend too)we were in their studio, "jamming", if you can call it that, they were playing and singing, then we were playing and singing, I was doing Raymond & Maria songs, and Sasha did the drumming, even though he never heard of R&M before. it's one of my foundest memories of this holiday!
I used masking tapes and painted over it to make the stars, the rest is really just stars and more stars, I drew some myself, toghether with the title.

now I have to go clean the house, my friend and our english friend who is visiting, is coming to dinner tomorrow evening, and so everything has to look nice;)
I should do some schoolwork also, but my neck is so stiff, I don't want to be in front of the computer too much today. maybe I have to still!
again, thank you for reading everybody, have a super-nice day!!


Merete said...

Herlige LO'er!! Gleder meg til treff i Dokka! Satser på at jeg kommer - om ikke noe annet skulle komme i veien da. Men tror IKKE det altså:hihi:

Kos dere med middagen i morra!

lors said...

i love ur layouts and hearing the stories behind them! i love reading your blog! x

_Kine said...

Så fine layouter! Digger å titte innom her :D Kuer er fine dyr! Trist at de ikke liker rock da.

Nora said...

Knallfine LOer! :D Husk å laste opp aldersLOen din i BOM-tråden på forumet da, så du blir med i konkurransen:) Har svart deg på pm ang. scrappetreffet, gleder meg:)

Renée said...

Alltid en god start på dagen når jeg ser du har oppdatert med litt farger :D
Helt enig i at alle burde handle på etsy! Der finner man virkelig alt og ikke er det dyrt heller!

Tea said...

Jeg deler gjerne av min strikkevisdom! *fnis* Gleder meg SÅÅÅ masse til treff! :) Klem