Saturday, March 7, 2009

I don't think I've actually posted this lay-out until now...

I made it at our crop in november (here I go for not blogging consistently, I have tons of lay-outs I haven't shared lol), and, I think it's on of my fave lay-outs ever! it's because it's about one of the coolest movies ever, norwegian hockey movie "hockeyfeber"! ("hockey fever" that is)
of course, a norwegian movie about icehockey from 1983 has stole my heart from the moment I first saw it, and I've seen it tons of times since then. all my ice hockey friends, who are mostly also my scrapbooking friends loves this movie. it's about the good, old norwegian hockey leauge, before all the foreginers and money took over completey, and it's also about friendship and good sport values. love is even more important than hockey...sigh*lol again. this is a classic, and of course, I had to make a lay-out about it!

I used green and yellow...not excactly the prime colours of my scrapbooking, but it's the colours of M/S, the main team of the movie. I scanned photos from the dvd cover, and used funky 80-ies papers from Bam Pop, to get the right feeling! I mean, this is the everyday 80-ies suburb emotions, not miami vice or anything else pink flamingo glamorous:D
the camera is a hambly rub-on.
oh I really felt like watching it again...

this lay-out about my hair, who is not even that dark anymore, I made during christmas eve, when I really relaxed and didn't do christmas stuff ha ha
actually I didn't like the dark hair so much, I experimented with it, because it was so tireing to constantly re-bleach the roots, but it didn't take long before I wanted pink again, so now I'm on my way to getting back to blonde ha ha
(btw I can't take decent photos of myself at the moment...I just look weird... will keep trying...)
I used a love elsie paper as background, a bam pop tag, and then painted the title. as always I love to write on the photo, and the yellow dotted paper is a party umbrella.

this is a birthday present for my friend, who wanted "creative tove-stuff". the photo is from her wedding 1,5 years ago, and I ripped the cardboard and painted it. I wanted a romantic feel, so I added a little more lace and stuff than I might have done, if I wasn't giving it away...anyway, she was very happy with it!

in the end, some magazine candy! this swedish interior mag is the best, so much colour and fun and happiness.
I will just relax today, I didn't quite recover from yesterday, when I had a hell day at work, with crazy kids, and came home just to fall asleep and feel sick and crap, and though I slept in really long today, I'm not 100% still...
my boyfriends having a party tonight, so I'll have a shower and a smoothie, and maybe I'll feel's like my body is made of stone, and my neck is still stiff...
anyway, I'll try to scrapbook for the grand prix-competition, and THAT might help whoa!!
have a great weekend everybody!!*


Vibeke said...

Kjempekule Loer du lager!!! Likte veldig godt den fra bryllupet til venninna di!!:)

Gine said...

Herlig herlig Tove !!!
Du er så flink med farger

Aquarell said...

Herlige fargeglade LOer! Skikkelig flotte var de!:D

Merete said...

hihi...hockeyfeber, ja! Må jo bare digge den!! Hihi!!

Herlige LO'er alle sammen :)