Sunday, March 8, 2009


I'm finally friends with my gocco!! I bought it some months ago, but didn't quite got the hang of it...then I realised the problem was just me being silly; I was using the wrong pen! thank you Silje, for guiding me through the gocco-world! yesterday, I started printing, whoa, I made cute little tags for my scrapbookpages, they'll soon be up in my etsy also, so anyone looking for litte owls, trees, apples, birdies, and soon, cute tags and rainbows++, stay tuned! (I also made some keychains, will post in a few days)

I love my gocco!! (I only have one screen left I need to do some online shopping again soon...)

and, I have other news...I won a challenge at scrappemania!! thank you so much, you sweet girls!! this is the lay-out, it was a lift from ania, and the photos are from stavanger last fall. they have some really cool stores there, sigh, I want to go back!! hopefully on papirfesten, again next time! and Stine says she will come with me!!

it's snowing again today, like yesterday, and like everyday...I wish for spring now!!
I do feel much better today though, I'm in the mood for making lists:
first list:
how to recover from illness, flu, cold, not sleeping, being sick, headache, backache etc etc:
* scrapbooking
* printing gocco
* drinking a really big banana, strawberry, orange, yoghurt smoothie!
seriously, I felt so good yesterday, I was crap, but then I started scrapbooking, and it all went away. and gocco made me over-the-cherry-top!! (scrapbooking should be ordered by the doctor!)
I also realise my must-have-stuff for scrapbooking at the moment is:
* bright yellow colour
* acrylic paint
* white cardstock
* rainbow beads
* tulle
add on: something 80-etsy-retro!!
I try to vary my pages, but when I'm into a frenzy, it's hard to let go. I realise I scrapbook a lot of photos without people these days...but I love moods and the little things and places I've been to...but everybody else is scrapbooking people, so maybe it's ok, lol
in the end, here's a few little tid-bits about me, at the moment:
* my right foot hurts so much, after I got shot during our hockey match earlier today. that puck is dangerous, I'm telling you...I'm fearing I can't walk tomorrow, but as Stine and I were joking about...we don't scrapbook with our feet...!:D
* my boyfriend just feel asleep beside me! he's so sweet, he's wrapped around me while I'm writing!!!***
* I'm being a really cool mag...but I'll tell you more about it later!!
* I wish I could paint my walls bright the LA ink studio...but I can't, I'm only renting the place...then, I wish I could dye my hair bright pink...but it's still to dark, it's only a little pink in the front...I have to get back to pink soooon!!
* we're maybe going to st.petersburg in a few weeks WHOA!!
* my 124-dynamite blog will soon be updated again!!
this was in the snow outside my door yesterday, when I came out!! I love it, it made me so happy!!
xoxo I wish you all a beautiful week!!

(...for some reason, I couldn't get spaces in my I used different colours instead whoa!)


Scrappelise said...

Å, det er så trivelig at du er "orn`tli" tilbake Tovetyll! Det er så festlig lesestoff her (jupp!) og de freshe LOene dine får folk i godt humør! Ønkser deg og den pene, barske, kule en riktig fin uke!

Merete said...

Hva er en gocco??? Det har jeg virkelig ikke fått med meg :fnis:
Gleder meg til treff!

Ikke alltid like gøy å bli skutt i senk, av en puck, nei - men det er sant; vi scrapper jo ikke med bena:)

Håper du får ei fin uke - så ses vi på fredag :) :)

Renée said...

Hehe, ja den pennen, den pennen.. Grr. Jeg har kjøpt en ny penn (fordi den som fulgte med var nok mer enn oppbrukt), men den nye pennen funker ikke bra den heller :( :( Må liksom tegne over 1oooo ganer of heller ikke da blir strekene klare og tydelige. Buhu. :p Hvor kjøpte du pennen din forresten?? Den så jo ut til å funke ypperlig :)
Kjempeslte kort forresten!!

Anonymous said...

jeg lurer også på hva gocco er for noe, (en slags maling, og hva er den blå maskinen???) men det er vel bare å google, ser gøy ut iallefall!