Thursday, March 26, 2009

I want spring!!

I'm quite desperate now, I want small shoes and flowers and green grass...I've started wearing my converse, even though it's still cold...

I wanted to post photos of my colourful scrapbooking shopping, but forgot to upload the photos (I thought I did...?!?) so anyway, here's one of the books that always comes back to me, and it's colour, and it's fun, and it's running out and play!! I looooove japanese street fashion!

and here's two lay-outs, one quiet, one crazy. the first one is from ukraine, sigh* I love that country. the red rose I made on my gocco.

the second one is about things I like, from scrapbookexpress grand prix. again, I wanted...colours!! I made the sun myself, from tulle and paper.

what's happening right now...
* I'm waiting for my piano student! I'm a piano teacher, suddenly, it's very exciting!
* ciabattas just came out of the owen.
* I'm teaching myself to use adobe illustrator
* saturday is our final game of the season....we badly need a victory lol
* my orchid is blossoming again!!!
* I can't wait for easter candy!!
xoxo see you soon!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

just a small one...

these are two lay-outs from our grand prix-contest at scrapbookexpress! the first one is task no.1...cluster! I painted my cardstock yellow and drew a tree on it...then added lots of different stash.... I made the tag and the little bird myself. the photo I took many years ago...after a birthday picnic in the park...when the sun started to fall and summer evening was approaching** sigh**
second lay out, second task. everything has to be straight. only two embellishments. graphic and clean. I made this one, but wasn't totally happy with it, so I made a new one, which I'm not allowed to post yet. anyway, this is lots of bam pop papers, and a photo of my cassettes. (Rune Rudberg, Postens sommerkassett, Ole Erling happy hammond christmas...ha ha ha) I love cassettes! they are memories from a recent time already gone!
will post longer soon, I have photos of my shopping yesterday, scrapbooking fair yahoo, lots of new papers and yellow thickers ♥♥
want to scrapbook A LOT now, but I'm with my sweet boyfriend (even better), so that's due tomorrow...
xoxo see you soon!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

yesterday was my bunny's birthday**

he was five years old, and so, I finished this lay-out. yes, I did sew all the buttons, but it was ok, it was fun. the journaling tag I made with my gocco. I also drew the rainbow. (if you can't read the title, it says: where is my food?)

I also had a chocolate bunny yesterday!

friday and saturday I was scrapbooking with Stine and Merete, I made these two lay-outs, one from the harbour of Stavanger, the city that has purple houses!!! and another one of me scrapbooking in the garden, where the background paper is BASIC GREY:D:D that is some miracle, I never use their papers, but I was challenged by my friend Sosa, months ago. Finally here it is, a yellow basic grey.
the yellow tree is also tovetyll design lol made with my gocco. I also did the title for by hand, I wanted a funky one, since the paper was a bit cosy*

the grand prix competition at scrapbookexpress did also make an impact on our weekend, I mean how hard can it be to understand the rules??!? what are we supposed to do? no one knows ha ha ha we are too comfused!! I made a lay-out, but not sure if it will ever be accepted, the first try was not;) my friends also made their lay-outs....but they weren't accpeted either lol but we're not giving up, we just keep scrapbooking:D:D
to finish with, some photos from downtown Oslo.... I was walking the other day, and here's this old school, with butterflies on!! it's too beautiful, it made my day!!
have a great week everybody!! xoxo

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a new painting

I made this today, it turned out how I wanted, but now when I look at it, it looks a little unfinished... will think about it for some more time...

I'm working on my spring scrapbooking collection!! it will be my first, and I'm doing it entirly on my own. actually, it's a bit scary to write about it here, it feels very bold to talk about something that I have to make happen all by myself, but I think I've found a way to print papers, that's not gonna kill me financially... and of course, you are all so sweet, you are not gonna kill me either, if it doesn't happen, if everything fails lol (actually, I've never met a scrapbooker that are not oh-so-nice!) the collection will have papers and paper embellishments, maybe I'll combine them with kit items, like tulle and lace and cool plastic stuff, I'll have to see how it turns out. papers will be lettersize, and there will be cute birdies, rainbows and colourful stuff....
will share when I'm a little closer to final result...

I'm crazy for spring now. weather here is horrible, only wet snow, grey sky and black trees. I wish for some sun, some asphalt and some converse. I made an ATC about it, it was supposed to be for a challenge, but I never got to post it, so here goes... now I'll make an ATC for my friend, who's so sweet, and helps me a lot, she's always making me happy!

so long, help me scream for spring!!**

oh...forgot to write about this total crazy lay-out of my bunny. bunny+bam pop = so true***
the idea is bunny entering wonderland. I always wanted to use more of this paper than just a cut out...but never knew how...this try ended up being mostly paper and bunny ha ha

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I'm finally friends with my gocco!! I bought it some months ago, but didn't quite got the hang of it...then I realised the problem was just me being silly; I was using the wrong pen! thank you Silje, for guiding me through the gocco-world! yesterday, I started printing, whoa, I made cute little tags for my scrapbookpages, they'll soon be up in my etsy also, so anyone looking for litte owls, trees, apples, birdies, and soon, cute tags and rainbows++, stay tuned! (I also made some keychains, will post in a few days)

I love my gocco!! (I only have one screen left I need to do some online shopping again soon...)

and, I have other news...I won a challenge at scrappemania!! thank you so much, you sweet girls!! this is the lay-out, it was a lift from ania, and the photos are from stavanger last fall. they have some really cool stores there, sigh, I want to go back!! hopefully on papirfesten, again next time! and Stine says she will come with me!!

it's snowing again today, like yesterday, and like everyday...I wish for spring now!!
I do feel much better today though, I'm in the mood for making lists:
first list:
how to recover from illness, flu, cold, not sleeping, being sick, headache, backache etc etc:
* scrapbooking
* printing gocco
* drinking a really big banana, strawberry, orange, yoghurt smoothie!
seriously, I felt so good yesterday, I was crap, but then I started scrapbooking, and it all went away. and gocco made me over-the-cherry-top!! (scrapbooking should be ordered by the doctor!)
I also realise my must-have-stuff for scrapbooking at the moment is:
* bright yellow colour
* acrylic paint
* white cardstock
* rainbow beads
* tulle
add on: something 80-etsy-retro!!
I try to vary my pages, but when I'm into a frenzy, it's hard to let go. I realise I scrapbook a lot of photos without people these days...but I love moods and the little things and places I've been to...but everybody else is scrapbooking people, so maybe it's ok, lol
in the end, here's a few little tid-bits about me, at the moment:
* my right foot hurts so much, after I got shot during our hockey match earlier today. that puck is dangerous, I'm telling you...I'm fearing I can't walk tomorrow, but as Stine and I were joking about...we don't scrapbook with our feet...!:D
* my boyfriend just feel asleep beside me! he's so sweet, he's wrapped around me while I'm writing!!!***
* I'm being a really cool mag...but I'll tell you more about it later!!
* I wish I could paint my walls bright the LA ink studio...but I can't, I'm only renting the place...then, I wish I could dye my hair bright pink...but it's still to dark, it's only a little pink in the front...I have to get back to pink soooon!!
* we're maybe going to st.petersburg in a few weeks WHOA!!
* my 124-dynamite blog will soon be updated again!!
this was in the snow outside my door yesterday, when I came out!! I love it, it made me so happy!!
xoxo I wish you all a beautiful week!!

(...for some reason, I couldn't get spaces in my I used different colours instead whoa!)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I don't think I've actually posted this lay-out until now...

I made it at our crop in november (here I go for not blogging consistently, I have tons of lay-outs I haven't shared lol), and, I think it's on of my fave lay-outs ever! it's because it's about one of the coolest movies ever, norwegian hockey movie "hockeyfeber"! ("hockey fever" that is)
of course, a norwegian movie about icehockey from 1983 has stole my heart from the moment I first saw it, and I've seen it tons of times since then. all my ice hockey friends, who are mostly also my scrapbooking friends loves this movie. it's about the good, old norwegian hockey leauge, before all the foreginers and money took over completey, and it's also about friendship and good sport values. love is even more important than hockey...sigh*lol again. this is a classic, and of course, I had to make a lay-out about it!

I used green and yellow...not excactly the prime colours of my scrapbooking, but it's the colours of M/S, the main team of the movie. I scanned photos from the dvd cover, and used funky 80-ies papers from Bam Pop, to get the right feeling! I mean, this is the everyday 80-ies suburb emotions, not miami vice or anything else pink flamingo glamorous:D
the camera is a hambly rub-on.
oh I really felt like watching it again...

this lay-out about my hair, who is not even that dark anymore, I made during christmas eve, when I really relaxed and didn't do christmas stuff ha ha
actually I didn't like the dark hair so much, I experimented with it, because it was so tireing to constantly re-bleach the roots, but it didn't take long before I wanted pink again, so now I'm on my way to getting back to blonde ha ha
(btw I can't take decent photos of myself at the moment...I just look weird... will keep trying...)
I used a love elsie paper as background, a bam pop tag, and then painted the title. as always I love to write on the photo, and the yellow dotted paper is a party umbrella.

this is a birthday present for my friend, who wanted "creative tove-stuff". the photo is from her wedding 1,5 years ago, and I ripped the cardboard and painted it. I wanted a romantic feel, so I added a little more lace and stuff than I might have done, if I wasn't giving it away...anyway, she was very happy with it!

in the end, some magazine candy! this swedish interior mag is the best, so much colour and fun and happiness.
I will just relax today, I didn't quite recover from yesterday, when I had a hell day at work, with crazy kids, and came home just to fall asleep and feel sick and crap, and though I slept in really long today, I'm not 100% still...
my boyfriends having a party tonight, so I'll have a shower and a smoothie, and maybe I'll feel's like my body is made of stone, and my neck is still stiff...
anyway, I'll try to scrapbook for the grand prix-competition, and THAT might help whoa!!
have a great weekend everybody!!*

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I want to post a lot of things today...

first, some photos...they are from different places and occasions, I just realised I didn't post any photos in a looooong time..
I love the details in buildings etc and the change of seasons.

then, I promised you to write about etsy! I love etsy! everybody should shop etsy, there's so much cool stuff to be found, especially if you're an avid scrapbooker, who's constantly looking for embellishments and stash that's you can't find in your local store.
I have two favourites, first, my sweet friend MissSapporo
she sells lots of awsome kawaii and sanrio-stuff, fabrics, decorative tape, and totoro stamps:D:D:D

shop 66 is my other favourite, they sell lots of vintage toys and paper fun, perfect for scrapbooking!

I also was scrapbooking yesterday, as I told you, with my poor ankle-broken friend! she's doing better now, we had great fun, planned our crop, and made fun lay-outs.
I want to thank everybody who wrote comments about how you love reading details behind a lay-out, I'm so glad you enjoy it, I'll keep writing about my works, that's for sure!
so here goes: this first one here started out because I wanted to use the disney playing cards. then I found the photo to match them, and then Stine read in our fab pink forum that this months challenge was number, and in the book of me comp, you should make a lay-out about age! I felt I was already on my way, so I went for it ha ha.
I also used tulle and acrylic paint, and my pens, to draw title and the stars.

this is made of an old urban lily-paper (old favourite that is!) and with a bam pop tag. when Trym and I was at our friends cottage last summer, we took a walk down to say hi to the cows, and brought the guitar with us. we sat down, playing russian rock for the cows, but they didn't seem to enjoy it... first they startet looking at us, totally strange expression on their faces, then they ran off, as far as they could. ha ha cultural ignorants!!

another ukraine lay-out, I'll make a separate set for them at flickr, I have so many now!
this is Sasha the drummer, who is playing in a band with our friends. (now Sasha is our friend too)we were in their studio, "jamming", if you can call it that, they were playing and singing, then we were playing and singing, I was doing Raymond & Maria songs, and Sasha did the drumming, even though he never heard of R&M before. it's one of my foundest memories of this holiday!
I used masking tapes and painted over it to make the stars, the rest is really just stars and more stars, I drew some myself, toghether with the title.

now I have to go clean the house, my friend and our english friend who is visiting, is coming to dinner tomorrow evening, and so everything has to look nice;)
I should do some schoolwork also, but my neck is so stiff, I don't want to be in front of the computer too much today. maybe I have to still!
again, thank you for reading everybody, have a super-nice day!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

lay-outs from friday, and then some fruit;)

juhu, my lay-outs from our friday crop is back home! (my tote is still at my boyfriends' though, I'm going to Stine tomorrow to scrapbook, so it's ok for it to just stay there until then. we have so much snow, I don't even want to think of pulling it through this heavy white fluff ha ha)

anyway, I did two lay-outs from ukraine and one of my bunny. this first one is from the beach by the azov sea. (btw the worlds smallest sea;) I used decorative tape, instead of patterend paper, and a hello kitty rub-on* I love to write directly onto the photo when it has lots of open space... actualy this photo is taken with our friend nikita's cell phone, he took several photos of Trym and me, and I'm so thankful for it, since mostly I'm not in any photos from this holiday ha ha I'm just behind the camera!

the second lay-out is of the dog Margo. she was found in the street and the father of Nikita, Valentin and his brother, and she became our friend immediately. here she's standing in the window of the parents apartment, on the first floor, outside the window is their small garden, one could just climb out the window to get herbs and tomatoes and anything that's needed for dinner making:)

on this lay-out, I used old playing cards I bought on etsy and also handwrote the title. I especially love the card with the little bee! (I will do a post with my fave etsy-shops soon I think!)

now....when starting on the third lay-out...I realise I made three lay-outs lalmost without any patterend paper at all! oh dear, and I'm the paper junkie!

this is of course my lovely bunny, complete with hand drawn hearts, for the challenge at scrappemania, their word for now is "heart". (see link to scrappemania on the left!)

I also made a little fruit...fruit frenzy, or fruit feed, I was considering different titles for this post lol. these are little I made for my etsy, and also some hama fun.

what do you think, do you enjoy reading details about the lay-outs, and the history behind the photos, or is it maybe most interesting for me...?? let me know, I'd be happy to hear your thought about what you'd like to read about, since I want my blog to be an inspiration for everybody who loves scrapbooking!

thank you everybody who's reading!! xoxo see you soon, with etsy fun and some