Thursday, February 19, 2009

such a sleepy day...

I don't feel so well today, my body is so heavy, my head too, and I just want to do nothing... I don't think I have the flu or anything, I'm just having a bad day, will be ok tomorrow, but you know, I'm not good at getting up early in the morning, now I had to get up two days in a row, and yesterday I had hockey practice very late....besides, I don't think I (or anyone else) has recovered from nationals yet, it was veeeeeery exhausting lol
of course, I know it's perfectly normal to get up early in the morning, most people do, but I'm still a student, I write my master degree, and can thankfully do that whenever I feel like it, so, I'm functioning the best when I can sleep till eleven in the morning, and stay up until two o'clock in the night...

here's an old lay-out, I made it at Papirfesten in october, but I never posted it I think...the colours is a bit off, as the light was also a bit off today (like me!)
I took photos of more lay-outs, but they all turned out so bad, so I'll post them some other day.
this lay-out shows my grandma, toghether with my aunt. I made it from an old book page, with thickers, lace and some cut-outs. every lay-out I make with my grandma is very special to me. apart from my boyfriend, she and my grandfather are the people that has meant the most for me, that I have loved the most. they are both dead now, but I still love them a lot, and miss them terribly. I feel proud to scrapbook their photos!

i also want to post some photos from nationals...and I realise, hockey does not contain pink, or purple or rainbow or the kind of stuff I usually post in my blog...but here goes anyway!

miffy - the hockey player! (deltager, that's participant...)

what a relaxing atmosphere in our changing room! stine is resting her broken ankle under a yellow sweater, and Line is being solidaric, btw, Stine is doing fine now, she's had an operation, and will stay at the hospital until monday. I'm visiting her tomorrow, with scrapbooking magazines:D:D

this post is really a bit fun, my spelling is horrible, I have to check it all the time, my poor dull brain...
here's some lovely old soviet book illustration, to cheer everybody up, including myself! I will eat some, and hopefully feel better, and between 17 - 21 tonight my new electrical piano will be delivered!!!!! and THAT is good therapy!
have a beautiful evening everybody, and thank you so much for reading!!


Merete said...

Herlig LO! Og godt Stine endelig har blitt operert:) Du må hilse hu så mye!!

Lula said...

For en herlig og GLAD stil du har! Jeg digget den Loen du postet idag , virkelig fresh og søt:)

Nora said...

Nydelig LO:) Og skikkelig søte barnebokbilder<3

anne esquibel said...

The giraffe with the butterfly is sooo cute.

that layout is cool too. I need stop being lazy and do a few layouts.

Have a goooood weekend!!


_Kine said...

Jeg syns layouten er dødssøt :D Rosa og gult! Og Miffy på tur <3 Jeg så de hadde Miffy-servise på Jernia!
De marehøneskoene høres dødssøte ut! Men jeg har dvergføtter (35/36), så da blir de nok for store... snufs. Kanskje du kan henge dem på veggen? Håper formen er bedre! Klem!

Ladybastard said...

hey sweetieeeee! OMG the party was so cool and my cupcakes were adorable! *-*
can't wait to show u the pics ;)
love youuu

Tea said...

Hei hei!! :) Håper du føler deg pigger nå!! :D Sååå kul LO - kommer i vårfølelse bare av å stikke snuta innom bloggen din. :) Ha en strålende mandag!

Merete said...

Jeg kommmer innover den 13. og er veldig klar for litt scrapping:) Ståle skal kjøre gocart med gutta på jobben, så da måtte jeg jo benytte sjansen til en Oslo-tur:)
Kommer jo innover helga etter også...messe og bursdag:):) Da blir nok Ingelin med også, så kan hu og Ståle slå ihjel noen timer hos slektninger mens jeg er på messa...hihi:) Yeah!! I helga skal jeg på hyttetur til Trysil:) God helg, Tove!