Tuesday, February 24, 2009

some things I like today...

took some photos around the house..this is what I found... 80ies paperclips!

mushroom notebooks!

japanese paper fun found on etsy!!

lovely hairclips, full of colour!

hama beads! this was given to me by my sweet friend anne merete, is it fab or what?? thank you so much!!

pink glitter recorder, with owl sleeping bag!

yellow vase, white owl! (poor owl was bargain rescued by me at Åhlens, he was all alone, and was only 20 nkr!)

nintendo ds***

my kitchen!

decorative tape! tons and tons of it! again...etsy love**

pretty necklaces on my wall:)

small friends *heart*
tonight I'm making foccaccia with cheese, chicken and tomato for my boyfriend when he comes from work! I'm having "healthy week", which only means me trying not to buy candy every time I'm at the grocery's...hm... I'm candy crazy! now, I try to eat lots of fruit instead, making smoothies and as told, yummi foccaccia** (how many c's does that word really sport???)
I, I mean, me Tove, actually also signed up for a .......competition ha ha! I can't believe it! I never do that, because I feel I can't find the time, and I don't like rules, I want to scrapbook outside every rule possible, the Tove-way. but now, I suddenly feel like doing it, it will be fun! and it's not just any comp, it's the faboulous pink Scrapbook Express forum (the only forum that is...) who's starting their Scrapbookepress Grand Prix! (Grand Prix, that's our Eurovision Song Contest!) and I mean...I'm a Eurovision junkie, I love it, every year we have a big party during the final, so....a Eurovision for scrapbookers...I have to take part!
hope to do some scrapbooking later tonight...but first....start the foccaccia/focaccia/foccacia... ROBERTA!! my Italian friend, help me!!
I wish you all a lovely evening, hope you can find inspiration and joy in my photos**


_Kine said...

Ooo, fine hårspenner! Jeg fikk sånne fine notatbøker av Anette til bursdagen min! De er så søte. Digger tapen i midten der, han ene har jo skikkelig Leningrad cowboys-sveis!

Scrappelise said...

Så masse herlige saker du har. Og vet du, jeg så en- eller- annen av de norske butikkene som har så søte dådyr og sopp-stempler. Din stil?

Merete said...

Herlige fargerike bilder og ting:)
Håper vi får scrappa litt sammen igjen snart!!

Ha en fortsatt fin onsdag, Tove:)

laura said...

i love all your stuff around yuor home!!!

Ladybastard said...

sweetieeeeeeeeeeee your house is GORGEOUS!!!!
OMG i love all the pics u posted!
i love you honey!

Sosa said...

Åååå så masse søte saker du har "utstilt" :) Det gir masse inspirasjon til oss scrappere!
Nå er det masse treff utover. Gleder meg virkelig til det :)
Ha en super helg Tove, så sees vi på messa :)
Pst adressa mi trenger du ikke kanskje....når vi sees på Scraporama :)