Sunday, February 1, 2009

my etsy is up!!

I spent last night by the computer, while my boyfriend had some quality time with his playstation, and now my etsy is finally up and running!! I plan to make more fun monsters and more drawings, and I already have more retro prints ready. I also dream about a vintage section, I have so much clothes and other stuff, but they're in boxes in my mums basement, hope to get them soon! I'd be so happy for anyone who wants to visit my little shop, hope you have fun there, and maybe you find something you like**


laura said...

yay yay!! i may have to buy a print!!!! they are lovely!!!

LilleAsk said...

Grattis med etsyshop. Så mye gøy du har lagd. Digger LO'ene dine og hvem husker vel ikke 80-tallets My Little Pony. hihi (håper det er greit at jeg legger deg til i min nye blogg)