Saturday, February 28, 2009

saturday sweet...

I made heartshaped pancakes for my boyfriend! I wrapped them in pink paper and took them home to him just the other evening, it was dark and a little cold, and he was so happy! later we had hot chocolate and some lazy hours*

today the weather is so stunning, I've been cleaning the house, and soon my bread is in the owen. I'm a little tired though, I had a long, exhausting day yesterday, so I plan to do not-so-much this weekend.
I'm posting some older lay-outs that has been laying around until now... I made them during christmas, and the last one is even from Papirfesten in October... I was also scrapbooking yesterday evening, lovely crop, but I left my tote, with my lay-outs in it, at my boyfriends place, so I'll post them later.
here's my lovely bunny, the paper is old SEI** they are to die for!

this is the second lay-out in a short period of time where I'm scrapbooking on brown paper! yup, you heard me....brown! I actually love this paper, it's love elsie forrest collection, and the lay-out is about the cinemas of stockholm (I'm a wreck for 30ies+ architecture) so I photographed like mad when I was in Sweden in December... neon signs are *heart* here I also used a party umbrella:D

my fave cartoon ever, russian No Pogodi, the wolf chasing the rabbit whoa!! it's so funky and cool, the music is great, and I love every bit of it! go watch it on youtube, it should be up there!

last one, from Papirfesten lol so old already, but it's mushrooms, so what more can your heart desire?? I painted them myself, with my newly bought acrylic paint:) (did I mention my boyfriend is the most handsome ever?)

a little ps, my healthy week is progressing ha ha ( I had chocolate at the crop yesterday), but I've also eaten lots of fruit and veggies, and this salat is fab! it's ruccola, spring onion, parmesan, tomatoes, basil, cheese, lime, grapes and lots-a-lots-a prawns! super easy and super tasty! will have smoothie later, I've had smoothie every day this week I think, it's the best! will give you my best recipe next time, the next chapter in "healthy days of ToveTyll" ha ha ha
have a great weekend everybody!!**

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

some things I like today...

took some photos around the house..this is what I found... 80ies paperclips!

mushroom notebooks!

japanese paper fun found on etsy!!

lovely hairclips, full of colour!

hama beads! this was given to me by my sweet friend anne merete, is it fab or what?? thank you so much!!

pink glitter recorder, with owl sleeping bag!

yellow vase, white owl! (poor owl was bargain rescued by me at Åhlens, he was all alone, and was only 20 nkr!)

nintendo ds***

my kitchen!

decorative tape! tons and tons of it! again...etsy love**

pretty necklaces on my wall:)

small friends *heart*
tonight I'm making foccaccia with cheese, chicken and tomato for my boyfriend when he comes from work! I'm having "healthy week", which only means me trying not to buy candy every time I'm at the grocery' I'm candy crazy! now, I try to eat lots of fruit instead, making smoothies and as told, yummi foccaccia** (how many c's does that word really sport???)
I, I mean, me Tove, actually also signed up for a .......competition ha ha! I can't believe it! I never do that, because I feel I can't find the time, and I don't like rules, I want to scrapbook outside every rule possible, the Tove-way. but now, I suddenly feel like doing it, it will be fun! and it's not just any comp, it's the faboulous pink Scrapbook Express forum (the only forum that is...) who's starting their Scrapbookepress Grand Prix! (Grand Prix, that's our Eurovision Song Contest!) and I mean...I'm a Eurovision junkie, I love it, every year we have a big party during the final, so....a Eurovision for scrapbookers...I have to take part!
hope to do some scrapbooking later tonight...but first....start the foccaccia/focaccia/foccacia... ROBERTA!! my Italian friend, help me!!
I wish you all a lovely evening, hope you can find inspiration and joy in my photos**

Thursday, February 19, 2009

such a sleepy day...

I don't feel so well today, my body is so heavy, my head too, and I just want to do nothing... I don't think I have the flu or anything, I'm just having a bad day, will be ok tomorrow, but you know, I'm not good at getting up early in the morning, now I had to get up two days in a row, and yesterday I had hockey practice very late....besides, I don't think I (or anyone else) has recovered from nationals yet, it was veeeeeery exhausting lol
of course, I know it's perfectly normal to get up early in the morning, most people do, but I'm still a student, I write my master degree, and can thankfully do that whenever I feel like it, so, I'm functioning the best when I can sleep till eleven in the morning, and stay up until two o'clock in the night...

here's an old lay-out, I made it at Papirfesten in october, but I never posted it I think...the colours is a bit off, as the light was also a bit off today (like me!)
I took photos of more lay-outs, but they all turned out so bad, so I'll post them some other day.
this lay-out shows my grandma, toghether with my aunt. I made it from an old book page, with thickers, lace and some cut-outs. every lay-out I make with my grandma is very special to me. apart from my boyfriend, she and my grandfather are the people that has meant the most for me, that I have loved the most. they are both dead now, but I still love them a lot, and miss them terribly. I feel proud to scrapbook their photos!

i also want to post some photos from nationals...and I realise, hockey does not contain pink, or purple or rainbow or the kind of stuff I usually post in my blog...but here goes anyway!

miffy - the hockey player! (deltager, that's participant...)

what a relaxing atmosphere in our changing room! stine is resting her broken ankle under a yellow sweater, and Line is being solidaric, btw, Stine is doing fine now, she's had an operation, and will stay at the hospital until monday. I'm visiting her tomorrow, with scrapbooking magazines:D:D

this post is really a bit fun, my spelling is horrible, I have to check it all the time, my poor dull brain...
here's some lovely old soviet book illustration, to cheer everybody up, including myself! I will eat some, and hopefully feel better, and between 17 - 21 tonight my new electrical piano will be delivered!!!!! and THAT is good therapy!
have a beautiful evening everybody, and thank you so much for reading!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

the polkadot lay-out*

I wrote about the polkadot paper, here's the polkadot lay-out, made with the polkadot paper lol I love it, I want to eat it, like sweets! btw I realised I wrote lovely three times during the first three lines of my previous post, so I say it again, this paper is killer lovely!!* (the brand is imaginisce!)

I'm a bit exhausted, coming back from nationals yesterday, feels like my muscles are not working very well, but I have some schoolwork to do, so I could sort of relax at home. (but, school work is boring, and I want to do scrapbooking!!)
instead, I want to show this little mate, that I made last week, his arms are knitted, and he's got star freckles!

this is also a leftover from my trip to nationals...I bought new socks, some yarn, my make-up pouch was of course with me, I found some nail polish and zippers in bright colours, and lots of cool stickers on my way home, waiting for the train. the balloons are the remains of the present from my friend Stine, who broke her ankle during one of our games! we didn't play for more than 27 seconds, before she was down, the poor poor girl!! we had big plans for shopping in the local scrapbooking store after the game, but instead, she ended up at the hospital, so me and another scrapbooking friend, Line, run out to get her the best scrapbooking present, complete with balloons and ribbons! we even managed to find a hockey player stamp whoa! I wish her quick recovery, it was really the worst of luck ever!!!

finally, my latest knitting project...I hoped to finish it during the weekend, but no, to much drama and action lol the first mitten is almost finished though, will start no.2 real soon, I hope...

rainbow it is, I'm off for prawns ha ha** love Tove**

Thursday, February 12, 2009


first, first of all, I have a blog candy winner: SOSA congratulation!!
my lovely boyfriend drew the lucky number, I will send you fun in the mail!

it's so sunny and lovely in my little flat now, I'm so inspired, after living in dull, dark apartments for so long, I'm sucking in every stream of sun and light I can get!
here's two lay-outs I've made, and there's two more in the progress, I bought lovely, shiny polkadot paper yesterday, and is now scrapbooking a picture of my handbag ha ha

I also made a scrapbooking apron, I mean, who doesn't need one? I think it will be for sale in my shop soon, or maybe I'll make another one. I'm planning to do more scrapbooking later, and also some hama fun.

tomorrow I'm off to Kongsberg, to nationals, in ice hockey of course, our team had our last practice yesterday, which was a bit chaos and fun, but also with some quality stuff, we hope to do our best and play up to our potential, then it doesn't matter so much about our placement in the end. I think at most, we can hope for a 6th place finish, but our coach says we're building for next season. we have lots of new players who just started off, but they all show so much progress already, I'm sure we have a fun hockey future ahead of us.
so, today I have to wash clothes, do the dishes, clean up here, pack and go grocery shopping...
I will be back on sunday evening, and next week I promise hockey pictures, that's for sure.
in the meantime, here's some photos of what it looks like in my neighbourhood right now, I just took a ten minute stroll around the block, and wow!! it's so beautiful, it's real winter. I love every inch of snow, and the blue sky!
have a great weekend everybody!!*

Saturday, February 7, 2009

a little blog candy:):)

because it's saturday, because I want to celebrate my etsy-shop, because I love scrapbooking so much, because one can never have too much candy, especially when it's snowing like it's doing here, it's so beautiful and white, and...just because I'm happy and creating at the moment, I want to have a little give-away in my blog! I will give one of my rainbow-scrapbooking papers (lettersize) and two small atari arcade game buddies to one random person who makes a comment to this post. I would love to hear what you think of my shop, any new ideas you have, what products you would like to see... or if you just want to write about anything else that makes me smile, that's perfectly ok too!
this is also a thank you to those who read my blog, I wish I had all the time in the world to comment on everybody's blogs, because you all are so sweet, and inspire me so much, but it just doesn't happen, I promise, I'll do better!

I'll be so happy to hear from you, two of these lovely little mates, could be yours!
(when I made them, had ironed them and placed them on my table, I felt like the crazy inventor who suddenly created a bunch of children of his own ha ha ha, all my children in bright colours!)

this is the paper! I'm off to make more designs now, I feel really inspired now, I will just put out some more stuff in my shop first, like this little friend. I made the prototype for myself some time ago, now finally one is up for sale. she wants to do ballett, she put her tutu on, but she's a little nervous...

tonight, my boyfriend is out with some friends from work, so I hope to do some scrapbooking, and some drawing, I have a secret project that might happen, but that's only me hoping yet...will keep you posted!!
have a beautiful saturday and weekend everybody**

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

full of colours!!

I have made an 80-ies love scrapbooking kit! it will be up in my etsy, and contains lots of fun plastic stuff, bubble gum paper, funky tulle and even a sheet of my first ever scrapbooking paper tove tyll design. I only have three kits to start with, so maybe you have to be fast, I don't really know, my shop is so fresh, so it's hard to tell if there will be a massive attack or not...
but, the paper can of course be bought, let me know if you like it! of course I have more planned!
I really enjoy my days now, I get things done, and it's relaxing, no stress, and best of all...I'm so in love with my sweet boyfriend, more than ever, after more than four years, it's amazing how it's possible, but I know it's because were having fun, and always find time for each other, for me, Trym is the most important person and most important everything in my life, no job, no studies, no hockey, not even bunny can compare, I just want to be with him, all the time! and, when he's off somewhere else, he's inside me, and inspires me and makes me glow, and that's when I make beautiful art (I hope!) he's the reason I can create, he makes me the happiest girl!
now I should post a photo of him, but he doesn't like having his picture here's random shots from my day....a little bit of knitting, a little bit of guitar, and a little bit of japanese music lol

Sunday, February 1, 2009

my etsy is up!!

I spent last night by the computer, while my boyfriend had some quality time with his playstation, and now my etsy is finally up and running!! I plan to make more fun monsters and more drawings, and I already have more retro prints ready. I also dream about a vintage section, I have so much clothes and other stuff, but they're in boxes in my mums basement, hope to get them soon! I'd be so happy for anyone who wants to visit my little shop, hope you have fun there, and maybe you find something you like**