Wednesday, January 28, 2009

semi-new lay-outs!!

as I wrote earlier, I spend christmas eve scrapbooking! I celebrated with only my bunny, and it was a very good way to celebrate indeed, I would rather be home and relax, than going away to some family gathering I won't enjoy, not because my family is not very nice, but because I don't feel I have much in common with them, they ask too many questions, and there are noisy children everywhere, and I don't have a car, so I'm dependent on someone to take me home, not when I want to, but when they feel like it. I'd rather be home, with my little rabbit, and besides, it's only for a few hours. morning I spend with my boyfriend, eating candy and watching christmas movies on tv, then I meet with him again later in the evening, and we have cookies and relaxes with his family. and, how many get to scrapbook on christmas eve?

here's some of the lay-outs I made:

I put my lay-outs on my wall, and it makes me so happy!

hot hot: make your title with hama-beads, it makes such lovely letters you want to eat them!! this photo is taken in front a blue garage in little town Lenino in Ukraine!

I also learned to knit this christmas, after buying the coolest knitting instruction book ever, in Sweden. it's called Roliga Stickboken, and you can knit everything from this apple cover, to a granat, to slippers, to cabbage and onions, to underwear, and ducks, of course! I love it, will post a photo of it later. so, I had to learn how to knit, to make an apple cover for my sweet boyfriend for christmas!! and then, I had to scrapbook it!!

I don't remember if I already posted this one, but I made it earlier, on our kindergarden-crop I think....I love the photo, it's also from ukraine, and has been laying in my pile of photos, waiting for the right paper. here it is!! *hambly-love*

and in the end: I've been challenged! open the 6th folder and the 6th picture, post it in your blog and tell the story behind it. In my 6th folder, I found my birthday july 2006, this is one of my best friends Ann-Mari, eating barbecue in the hammock. she has put one of my party umbrellas in her hair. it was a great birthday, we celebrated it at trym's place because he has a big garden, and the weather stayed perfect, and I was very happy. I actually believe this was also the birthday where one of my other friends bought me lots of scrapbooking stuff....which made me start out this scrapbooking craze in the first place!! if it wasn't for her, I maybe wouldn't be scrapbooking!!
my friends are the best, I love you both a lot!!


Monica said...

Så godt å lese at du blogger litt igjen. Følger med deg vet du. Alltid så fint å se dine fargerike loer. Hama perler er tingen skjønner jeg.Da får ikke minsten ha sine i fred lengre nei... hihi

Nora said...

Hurra, superkule LOer! Tittet på dem på Flickr før idag:) Skulle prøve å legge sånn notat på et par av dem men det funket bare ikke..hehe.

Det hadde vært såå hyggelig om dere ble med til Skien:D Vet ikke om de har flere treff utover våren, de har ikke annonsert noe ennå, men det kan nok hende:)

_Kine said...

Oooo, jeg digger layoutene med hama-perler! Jeg kjøpte et sånn perlebrett formet som en giraff, så nå blir det snart fine giraffer her i heimen :D Og re: tv-norge, så er vel det meste som vises der verdt å styre unna, hehe.