Saturday, January 31, 2009

I have a new banner!

Yup, I have a new banner for my blog, finally! I've been thinking about it for a loooong time, but I'm always a bit slow, right?? this one really mirrors how I feel these days; full of joy and colour!
(btw did any of you collect my little pony's when your were little girls? the stickers used to come with the ponies, in the box, together with a brush...sigh* those plastic childhood memories)

I'm also knitting a lot know, nothing complicated, but I'm are these legwarmers for arms really called in english???? no clue, maybe someone can tell me?? anyway, I love making those, I always wear a pair, and yesterday I finished these cosy, stripey I've started similar ones in blue and turquise!

I also promised a photo of Totoro in the top of my christmas tree! well, here he is, king of the forest, right? he was very pleased with this position, and sad when I took the tree

finally, two new lay-outs I made last week. I'm really into make-it-yourself these days, I don't want thickers or ready-made embellishments, I make a lot myself. some paper and a few paperclips will do though hi hi
my melody is bought from my sweet friend yuriko's etsy shop!

I'm trying to start up a little etsy myself, will let you know as soon as it's up! have a beautiful weekend, and please, tell me about the arm-warmers, anyone...**


Merete said...

Gratulerer med ny header!! Kjempestilig!!

_Kine said...

Så mange flotte layouter :D Og jaaaa, jeg husker de my little pony-klistremerkene! De var puffy, ikke sant?

Scrappelise said...

Gratulerer, det er en header som minner om deg! Tror de pulsvarmerne heter "mitten" in English, you know. Ha en fin søndag da!

tovetyll said...

jupp, ytterst puffy!! også luktet de så godt! sånn god god plastikk, jeg tror jeg er plastikk-narkoman, kan lukte på sånt i evigheter ha ha

Monica said...

Så kule LOer du har lagt ut, og grattis med ny header.
De pulsvarmerne så utrolig digg ut, men *blond* hvordan lager du hullet til tommelen??

lors said...

Hello tove i call those arm warmers "fingerless gloves" here in england, loving ur new blog banner and ur layouts!!! x lors x