Saturday, January 24, 2009's been a very long time...

hi everybody who's still reading my blog, and thank you for doing so!!
I won't even try to say anything about why I haven't been around for so long, I just haven't felt like being online so much...
December was as always superbusy, and on top of it all, I got sick, then well again, then sick, then well again...and felt really stressed by all the christmas gifts I was supposed to make:p

christmas eve I spent scrapbooking with my bunny, and my white christmas tree, with Totoro in the top of it ha ha will post a photo of it later!

in mid-december, I went to Stockholm, for architecture spotting and shopping, I love suburb architecture of the 50-ies and 60-ies, and Stockholm has tons of it! Oslo is so small, I have seen it all.... here's some photos, will hopefully post more... (there's some in my flickr also)

My shopping spree!! though it was snow and beautifully white in Oslo at this point, Stockholm was grey, dull and wet, I never saw sun or any daylight ( so it felt) for the four days I was there, so I tried to search for colours elsewhere! below is the cloths store Monkii!

suburb roof in suburb restaurant! how great to have a roof like this at home!

I also had my bunny back home for about a month, it was lovely, though my space is so small, he had to go back to my mum again. he's very happy there, as she is home all the time, and he can run free almost the entire day! is he cute or what? is he eatable or what? luuuurve, I'm melting to pieces for this bunny, I love him so much!

anyone for ruccola????


Scrappelise said...

Så godt du er her igjen, har savnet deg søte lille venn!

Nora said...

Han er så søøøt den bunnien!!:D

Merete said...

Hei hei:)
Bunnien er jo bare søtere enn noensinne! Stockholm...ja...jeg er litt misunnelig! Godt å se deg tilbake på bloggen:)

Snart skal stålmannen lage egg og bacon til Kristin (på besøk i helga) og meg... nam nam:)

Ha en fin søndag :)

Tea said...

Du har verdens søteste lille kanin!! :) Jeg fant forresten mønster til en heklet Totoro her om dagen!! :D

lors said...

yaya tovetyll u are back!!! i was wondering where u was!!! please post more of your lovely pitures and also the scrapbook pages u have been doing. glad u are better now and cant wait for more of your blogging! x laura

Sunny said...

Weeeah! Yo're back!
Jeg har en utfordring til deg i bloggen min:)

Berit said...

Hei, hei Tove og takk for sist :)
Det ligger en liten utfordring til deg i bloggen min (samt et bilde av deg..hihi).

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