Tuesday, October 28, 2008


på torsdag reiser jeg til Stavanger på Papirfest;D:D:D og uka etter har vi treff! jeg og Stine planlegger for harde livet, og jeg har sydd og laget masse stæsj jeg skal selge i min lille butikk!!
men først, reise, sukk, har rensket ut de papirene jeg skal ha med og lagt fram bilder, miffy og totoro...og så har jeg ikke pakket noe mer, men i morgen...jeg er så klar, så klar, så klar!! kule Christine lar meg bo hos henne, og på torsdag skal jeg shoppe og ta bilder, før vi scrapper hele helgen!!
symaskinnytt: store uglemor ble ferdig i dag. 30x30 cm ugle!! jeg er i voldsom kreativmodus om dagen...selv om jeg egentlig burde gjøre skolearbeid..hm...senere i livet!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

saturday crop!

whoa, yesterday I went to Ski with my friend Stine, to scrapbook the whole day! it was great, we met with our pink lady friends, and kept on scrapping from 10 am to 10.30 pm;)

this is not miffy's first crop, she's been to several, but this time she brought a friend!! (and he's happy!)

we are having fun (how strange!) even if we are not in focus;)

I made these, among other things (like three christmas cards in 10x10 cm ha ha ha) (I'm the right one to take a challenge like that...) I think I'm into pink paint, still!

actually all these photos are from ukraine this summer...*sigh*

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

some scrapbooking!

I just realised...I didn't post any lay-outs in my blog for a long time...I've posted in 124-dynamite, and then...I just didn't think about posting here!
now, here comes, these are some of my newest pages...on wednesday, Stine & I are going to Ski for a crop, I can't wait to meet with our friends from the lovely Hedemarken hi hi they are coming too! I'm planning for a whole lot of scrapbooking to happen...or maybe it will just be...chatting, eating candy and having fun! I hope for all of it!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

squash time:D

so...I told you about my friend growing this big squash in his garden...the best part is he told us this wasn't the biggest one, wow!! how cool is that??

Saturday, October 4, 2008

one very cold evening...

I felt I really had a lot to blog about, but then I had to save some for later...

I just came back from Tønsberg, I've been visiting my father who lives there, and when I got to the train station this evening, it was a 40 min wait for my suburb train home:p I went for the metro instead, it means I have to walk a little further to get inside my little flat, but it's ok, I was still home before the train was supposed to have left downtown ha ha! anyway, today has been sunny and, well, not warm, but manageable, and autumn sun always makes me so happy, but then it started getting cloudy, and the evening came, and just by the time I stepped inside my door, the storm started outside. rain banging on my window, branches flapping, and leaf falling agressively to the ground...wow, I'm glad I made it home, dry and alive lol

though I had hot chocolate and is sitting next to the radiator, I'm still really frozen...maybe blogging will transform me into cozy...??

and yes, I can't get enough of those stripey socks and sweet shoes. this was for my boyfriend arriving earlier this week, I want to be pretty for him**

though, sometimes pretty isn't that pretty, and here is my old glasses, from being 9 years old and needing glasses for reading, knowing nothing about how much I would love twin peaks style some years later...I didn't think I would say this...but...I really am influenced by fashion after all, and I think big glasses are really cool!!

I also have a lot of art projects going on. I feel like I'm making good stuff, but I haven't the slightest idea how to promote my self...and what they can be used for... I haven't put any of it out on the web yet, but I will, I know I have to...but then...what to do next?? I have no clue...

here's some sneak peaks from my work desk! tomorrow, stine and I are scrapbooking the day away, but first, I'll sleep for a little while longer tomorrow morning, then, I'll bake, I want fresh bread for breakfast, and then go back under my blanket while it's preparing...I'll have a strawberry smoothie, and I'll get my pink tote ready...I'm so much looking forward to some friendship time, I feel like the days are running away from me... one of my favourite authors was interviewed in the paper, and he said that young people are always going somewhere else. they never experience what's going on at this very moment. he's so right. I'm always on my way somewhere. I'll try to pause more. I'll try to not always think; what's next...?

and at last...this is also for my art projects, isn't this a great ad?? it's from 1971, I love this style too much! (for those of you not speaking norwegian, it says: Penol - pen for school. on top of its class. ) (hm...not much of an intepretor, am I???)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

stripey life:D

whoa jeg er faktisk online i dette øyeblikk...hvor lenge det varer vet ingen, så det gjelder å blogge mens man kan!!
dette er dagens store, stripete dose strømper, for strømper er nemlig bedre enn mye annet! stripete strømper gjør oss alle glad!
jeg ble mycket inspirerad av Noras blogg, som var fashion blogg her om dagen, så i dag er det fashion her også.
strømper fra e-bay, sko fra wedins, skjørt fra h&m med påsydde stjerner og gulv fra omtrent 1955....og....noe helt annet, en kompis ga oss verdens aller største squash!! skal legge den ut snart, har bare ikke fått jobbet med bildene enda, de ligger fortsatt på kameraet.... miffy+squash = sant...dette blir bare svada, men moro likevel. nå skal jeg lage smoothie og dra på trening....
squash is to come!!