Monday, September 22, 2008

lots of colours has come by...

I've been making art lately...I'm so into illustration these days, I reads lots of books and magazines, and I'm so inspired, I made these postcards, it's a collection of four, and here's two of them, it's an 80'ies theme, with all the stuff I love; candy, stars and mushrooms** do you like them? I'm thinking of making prints to sell..?!

sigh, here comes my mushroom project: I made lots and lots of them, and made a little forest..this is phase one, I'm planning more for them, but this is the eye candy! welcome to the forest!!

actually, I haven't been scrapbooking so much lately either, I've realised my scrapbooking is a hybrid, that can easily fit into my illustraion portfolio...if I have one, I'm working on it... these lay-outs are from my article about paint in the norwegian scrapbooking magazine "vi scrapper". I couldn't release them before, but here they are, and there's still more to come!
I love these three, I think their some of my favourites ever lol!!

this weekend, me and my boyfriend went to a flea market, I bought the coolest baby blue purse, downtown, I found a pair of fab, yellow shoes on sale, and outside my windows, fall is approaching very quickly. yesterday, we had chocolate cake. I will post more photos soon...I do have a lot of plans...but I'm not so organized ha ha


Scrappelise said...

Heia, heia! Godt å se at du er i farta fortsatt. Var litt redd du jobber deg ihjel nå. Lurer forresten på om jeg sendte deg en (delvis) melding for litt siden? Halvferdig el.l.
Skal du opå Skitreffet du og AndersD? Det burde dere, pensjonistgruppa fra Hedemarken skal. (dette leser de sikkert og blir så glaaaade) Men meld dere på da!

Nora said...

Veldig kule LOer! Postkortene var fine også:)

Merete said...

Så søte sopper da!!! Og flotte LO'er!!