Saturday, August 30, 2008

what a crazy world this is...

I really am the worst blogger, really. but now, my flat is just the way I want it, I'm through with painting, through with hanging up my mirror is up, all my kitchen stuff is in place; I promise to share pictures very soon!!

and to be honest...I haven't really had time to scrapbook much lately... this is an old lay-out that I have saved, it's for a challenge at

you should all head over, the challenge is to make your own patterend paper. thank you sweet girls, for letting me be a guest designer at your blog!!

there's really so much I want to blog about...and then, my internet at home is so unstable, it works whenever it feels like it...not ideal at all, I have to do something about it, it's tireing to bring the laptop over to my boyfriend's all the time. (though I'm here now, it's quite late, but he's out with work, having dinner and fun, and I don't know when he'll be'm having lazy computer time)
Earlier today, we had great fun at my friend Stine, with scrapbooking (of course), we made 20 atc's with Andreas Thorkildsen, our olympic javelin thrower ha ha ha, and we played BUZZ and ate pizza, and her sister brought her little dog...three month old cocker spaniel, so cute!!**
tomorrow, they're all coming over to my place, to scrapbook, and celebrate my birthday. I made chocolate cake, and muffins and we'll have chocolate pudding and just hopefully have a great, great time!!

AND I must not forget...I'm teaching two classes at STEFFENS in Oslo, at their
website, you can read about the dates and themes. one is freestyle, the other is called fancy colours. now that papertrends is closing down, I'm so happy to be able to teach classes somewhere else! and, I'd be so happy to see some of you there, I promise you great fun!!:D


_Kine said...

Digger layouten din :D Hvis du sender meg adressen din, så sender jeg tyll til ToveTyll :D

Tea said...

Kul LO! :) Håper dere koste dere med bursdagsselskap! :D

Anette S said...

Kul utfordring og kul LO! Jeg håper jeg får vært med på et av kursene, men jeg er så sent på skolen de dagene. Håper det ordner seg så jeg kan komme :)