Thursday, July 10, 2008

happy summer!

on july 7th I celebrated my birthday, I had a small party with only my boyfriend and I, here's some was great, and filled with pink, and I got a mushroom lamp as a gift!
on sunday, we're off on holiday! I doubt there will be any more blogging before that time, we're going to Ukraine for 2,5 weeks, to visit friends of my boyfriend. the place is called Lenino, and is very, very tiny, so now I bought a huuuuuge memory card for my camera, as things like that are impossible to get there... I'm so much looking forward to it, I love new, strange, interesting places, and it's hot there, it's an ocean not so far away, that means swimming...and Miffy is coming too!

I wish you all a great summer holiday, see you in august:):):)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

it's my new, little friends!!

I bought a new sewing machine, as the old one died, and the really old one that I got from boyfriend's mother is so big, since it's attached to a table...and now, with this new sewing machine, everything is so easy!! it does lots of fun stuff, I can just press a button to change the seam, and it's no more stop and hassle with the thread, now it's just plain joy:D

I made these little fellows, I already love them very much! the last one wants to hug you with his biiiig arms. I was thinking of making more, and starting and etsy-shop... what do you think? would you like to buy a little friend? I promise you, little friends made by me, are forever faithful!!