Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the weekend went by so fast...

...I can't belive it's already wednesday ha ha me and christine had so much fun, we were scrapbooking the entire friday, then shopping the entire saturday, and then scrapbooking some more:D:D and photographing of course...her class was great, and so many cool ladies came, you pink girls, you know who you are:D:D
oh...will post more photos later...just wanted to blog a little bit, before continuing writing on my exam...
I can't wait till october, then I'm going to Stavanger whoa!! and christine, thanks so much for coming, I had such fun times, you are too sweet!!

and I won the bid on pink hello kitty shoelaces on ebay lol (and...I went bananas at and bought tons of cool zip lock bags...apples, batman, bulldogs and stars...say no more...:D)


Virgo1971 said...

Så flott og fargerik blogg du har!
(Og så må jeg takke for praten på kurset på fredag, selv om du kanskje ikke husker meg hihi
satt med ryggen til vinduet og dro litt etter at du og Xtine satte dere ned og skulle scrappe.

ShowURbones said...

hello :]

I really like this picture.
I like all your scrapbook pages. It's really impressive.