Wednesday, April 30, 2008

oh dear...

...I've been such a terrible blogger!! honestly, there's been no time, no time at all since our crop... I've been juggling school, work, boyfriend and decorating my new place, together with scrapbooking and drawing and organizing my friends birthday gift, and on top of it all...I don't know if I ever wrote about it before...but...I've been working at Oslo Museum, with our exhibition "drabantbyen kommer". (go see it, anyone who can, it's great!) we had our grand opening last saturday, with lots of people and champagne and flowers...and at the same time...the annual scrapbooking faire at Lillestrøm...yeah right, I can't be both places at the same, friday and sunday at Lillestrøm, saturday at Bymuseet. as I time for blogging, no visiting other blogs...I'm sorry, I promise I'll do better soon! puhf....what exhausting writing...the above pics are from my new room...only details for now, we haven't totally come in order yet, there's books everywhere...and to photograph my new glass workdesk wasn't quite as easy as I

some more photos, from our crop:

I want to thank everyone who came, who had a good time with us, it was a BLAST, I was so happy the entire weekend, thank you, thank you, thank you again, you are all the best!! Stine and I can't wait until next year!!!

here's Nora, in our Relax Area! (we also had music lounge, scrap shop, die cut-station, food hall, and competition wall...) really, I took so many photos, I can't put them all up lol

here's some of the lay-outs I made, will post more later!! (there's also other exciting stuff going on...but it's a secret for now! all I can includes scrapbooking lol lol!) see ya' **

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

just a little hair update...

...I'm pink..and short...I like it sooooo much, all day I've been jumping around, telling my boyfriend "I'm pink, I'm pink"!! :):) I am! I'm pink!!!!:)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

a little sneak peak...

I've made the name tags for our crop!!! it's only a small week left, I can't wait, we have so many plans; we have decided what cool stuff to bring to our little shop, we have decided what competitions we're gonna held, we sorted out the menu, (I will make chocolate cake!) and today I spend hours on my computer, editing the photos I'm gonna print tomorrow! (my printer is at home, and my computer at my boyfriend's)
really, I so hope it will be a blast crop, it's even a sleepover, and our friends from Hedemarken is coming too!!! I hope you are all as excited as we are! (Stinemor, I know you are excited too!:D)

and to something else, I got an award:
from Sosa, thank you so much, you're so sweet!!!

the award says: Awarded parties must nominate five people who have not received the award. The blogs that receive the award must serve some purpose. Awarded parties must post the award banner on their site. The banner must remain linked to the above linked site."

So, I will try to do this right:

Stinemor, you are really the coolest scrapfriend around, and though your blog is not so active, I nominate you for giving me the cutest glimpse of everyday life!

Nora, you're blog is so cool, you keep me updated on music I never knew existed, and your lay-outs rock!

Christine, I love your style, you are so full of colors and fun, I'm totally inspired by you!

Elisabeth, horses, scrapbooking and bon jovi, do I need to say more?? can't wait till we see each other again!

Roberta, your both a fab scrapbooker, and a girl that I really admire, for all your great work for animal rights! it's really the most important thing, keep fighting!

now, I'm off to sob about the's snowing AGAIN today, I think I wanna dig myself deep down in the ground...I want spring! NOW! ...anyway....perhaps it'll all melt during the night???
thanks to everyone who has visited my blog, have a great week everybody!