Wednesday, March 5, 2008

thank you everybody!!

...I just want to say BIG thanks to everybody who's reading my blog, who's posting comments, or not posting comments, and those who's coming to my classes and are having fun, and those who says to me: your lay-outs makes me happy!
I wanted to say this a long time ago, but I was to wrapped up in myself, and in everything that's happening in my life, I couldn't relax... now, I feel so much better! I try to breathe and be calme..
it means so much to me to hear from everybody, to chat with you at Papertrends, or at the internet, you all ROCK!
today it's snowing it appears spring is still on hold...but...I suppose it's just temporary, spring will come, it will!!!
I have no plans for this evening, I will do a little drawing, drink some hot chocolate, visit some blogfriends...
I hope you are all happy! this lay-out are photographed outside...while it was still green grass, two days ago...**


ania said...

:) Hot chocolate = check! Med krem til og med. YuM!

Tea said...

Oooo... Kule LOer og kule bilder av LOene! :D Vårlige!! Det begynte å snø igjen her også i dag, men jeg krysser fingrene for noen plussgrader igjen snart! :)

Ladybastard said...

u are great! i love everything u do *-*

Bendichte said...

Her var det kjempemye inspirasjon, Tove! Gleder meg til barnehavetreff! Har vært på kurs på Hamar og LÆRT!!!
Ha en superflott week-end!

kristin said...

Purkeline ble kul altså:)