Saturday, March 29, 2008

it's been two weeks...

...I've made two lo's...that was last weekend, now, I don't know if there'll be any time for scrapbooking today or tomorrow, but I hope to fit some in...I have a paper to write for school...our exhibition at Oslo Bymuseum, about the suburbs of Oslo is opening soon, and it's FUN (I'm involved as a student, since I'm writing my master degree about suburbs...maybe...I have gotten another offer, also from the museum, so we'll see....;)
I am moving, as everybody knows, I have my new desk, with butterflies and flowers, I have my books and my clothes, and my new baby pink shelf is waiting to go on the wall:D:D
in the past few weeks, I've been two Sweden twice, first for hockey, in Säffle, we won two games, we didn't finish last yahoo, and then, for world championships in figure skating, in Göteborg, that was fun, but boring bus ride, I slept most of the time.
I also made chocolate cake, ate candy, saw Sweeney Todd at the movies, with my boyfriend, relaxed, shopped at IKEA (loooove**), read a book about swedish amusements parks, bought new Converse shoes with ladybugs on, and saw the movie Torsk på Tallin three times. Now, waiting for Håkan Hellström's new cd.

That was my life at the moment. I have lots of photos from Sweden, but I'm to lazy to share them now...will do later.

tonight, we'll make pizza... my boyfriend will be back from work very soon, I'm looking forward to food, I'm hungry....

promise photos from my new place's pink and white, and light, I love it**

beautiful weekend to everybody!


_Kine said...

Så digge lo'er! Jeg blir alltid så inspirert og glad av layoutene dine. Grattis med ny leilighet :)

Lene S said...

Høres ut som du har deilige dager! Superkule layouter :o)

Anonymous said...

Don't know you, but I just came to take a peak at your scrapcreations and I love them! xxx Daphne!