Sunday, March 30, 2008

scrappin' on a sunday!

...I didn't really think I'd do any more scrapbooking in a while...I mean, I was supposed to write my assignment for school, about photography and the female sex in the late 1800... and I am, but I can't sit in front of my computer a whole day, I just can't...and my poor man is sick with a bad cold, he has been sleeping most of the day... what do I do when I'm not taking care of him? (cause that's my most important task!) ...I'm making these four pages!! maybe I'm doing even more, I'm not so tired yet, though it's 00:42 in the night...
I know the photos are crap, it's so dark in our living room at night, but I wanted to show them off still!
cat is sleeping too! and I'm scrapbooking-happy!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

it's been two weeks...

...I've made two lo's...that was last weekend, now, I don't know if there'll be any time for scrapbooking today or tomorrow, but I hope to fit some in...I have a paper to write for school...our exhibition at Oslo Bymuseum, about the suburbs of Oslo is opening soon, and it's FUN (I'm involved as a student, since I'm writing my master degree about suburbs...maybe...I have gotten another offer, also from the museum, so we'll see....;)
I am moving, as everybody knows, I have my new desk, with butterflies and flowers, I have my books and my clothes, and my new baby pink shelf is waiting to go on the wall:D:D
in the past few weeks, I've been two Sweden twice, first for hockey, in Säffle, we won two games, we didn't finish last yahoo, and then, for world championships in figure skating, in Göteborg, that was fun, but boring bus ride, I slept most of the time.
I also made chocolate cake, ate candy, saw Sweeney Todd at the movies, with my boyfriend, relaxed, shopped at IKEA (loooove**), read a book about swedish amusements parks, bought new Converse shoes with ladybugs on, and saw the movie Torsk på Tallin three times. Now, waiting for Håkan Hellström's new cd.

That was my life at the moment. I have lots of photos from Sweden, but I'm to lazy to share them now...will do later.

tonight, we'll make pizza... my boyfriend will be back from work very soon, I'm looking forward to food, I'm hungry....

promise photos from my new place's pink and white, and light, I love it**

beautiful weekend to everybody!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

soon, soon, soon it's happening...

I'm moving here!!! I'm so excited, I can't wait for things to fall into place** my friend said to me: sure, I have room for you, come on, it'll be fun!! I'm so thankfull for it, thanks Frøydis, you are too cool! I will have a beautiful, light room, with a huuuuge window, and a balcony, and lots of space for my creative studio and my books and my sweet stuff; my miffy's, my flamingo, my plants, my plastic frog... I wish I could start moving right away, but all my things, my furniture and my clothes are tucked away at my mums, at her attic, and in her's really crowded. I've managed to work my way through the attic, but I need to dig through the basement as drawer is there, I need it lol and my fruit-books lol again!besides, I need some help from friends with cars;) this upcoming weekend, our hockey team is going to sweden for a will be the conclusion of our season...but really, I part of me wish I could stay at home, moving and arranging;)
as I little time...but...sweden will be fun! we're going to Säffle, small, small place, I'll empty my memory card and start shooting from the moment we arrive, for that, I can't wait!

...these are random photos from flickr and other places, of stuff I like, and that inspire me...I haven't had any time to do any decorating of my new place yet, I'm dreaming about it all the time, I will buy a new working desk, I saw a beautiful one at's made of black and see-through glass, with flowers and butterflies...I'm going to buy it, I's the one I keep thinking about...

...I really need photos like this now! I notice, I've been totally out of energy, moving from my old places really took it all, the man I rented the flat from was so...I don't want to say to much, but terrible comes to mind, because he was so slick, he tried to fool me, he treated me like I was stupid, like I knew nothing, he tried to make me pay rent for longer than I should according to my contract, he really thought he could treat me like nothing... it was too much for me, now afterwards, I realise that... I have been living at my boyfriends place after that, and on one hand, it's great, because I love being around him, but we both agree that we are not going to live together, it's much more fun the other way, and it's really no room for me at his house either, my books are occupying every inch of his workspace...and these are only books I need for school. in such a mess, I can't work. I can't scrap, I can't be creative. I hope, and I'm certain of, that spring will be much better. I feel my energy coming back. it's really been much harder than I've been willing to admit lately...I haven't felt like eating anything, but I forced myself still, I keep falling asleep every evening, even though it's not late, I just want to sit down and do nothing, all the time. I don't like it like that. I want to run around and be happy. when I try to play hockey, my legs won't move, I don't care if we win or loose....
two days ago, I found my pink stockings and dotty socks and summer skirts on my mums attic! I won't complain to much, it will be better. I'll do a little shopping tomorrow. I'll dream about my new butterfly-desk, I'll dream about pink hair! (I haven't even been able to go to the hairdresser for months...) I will move into my new place, and be surrounded by beautiful buildings and pretty nature...
writing this felt good!! happy easter everybody, thank you for reading!! I'm smiling now:):)**

Friday, March 7, 2008

look what I found in my mailbox...

yes, I'm a member of the norwegian volvo amazon-club. I love this car, it's the most beautiful car ever, I want one so much, I don't know if it'll ever happen, but I keep dreaming...
and yes, of course, I subscribe to creating keepsakes (scrapbooking mags yahoo!!) but yesterday, when they both arrived at the same time...I realised I'm probably the only girl in the world, who gets these two publications, and reads them both with lutter interest lol or maybe I'm not the only one, I don't was still too funny, what a contrast:D:D

then, I'm also reading a lot of cartoons, all the time! this is swedish artist Nina Hemmingson, I'm hooked on her work, she's just too cool!!

you can find her my space here!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

thank you everybody!!

...I just want to say BIG thanks to everybody who's reading my blog, who's posting comments, or not posting comments, and those who's coming to my classes and are having fun, and those who says to me: your lay-outs makes me happy!
I wanted to say this a long time ago, but I was to wrapped up in myself, and in everything that's happening in my life, I couldn't relax... now, I feel so much better! I try to breathe and be calme..
it means so much to me to hear from everybody, to chat with you at Papertrends, or at the internet, you all ROCK!
today it's snowing it appears spring is still on hold...but...I suppose it's just temporary, spring will come, it will!!!
I have no plans for this evening, I will do a little drawing, drink some hot chocolate, visit some blogfriends...
I hope you are all happy! this lay-out are photographed outside...while it was still green grass, two days ago...**