Thursday, January 24, 2008

...let me whisper you a secret....!!'s so much fun, I can hardly wait to get it...!!! did you know...

BAM POP is living at Papertrends!!! it arrived yesterday, and it's the must fun you've ever seen, it's like candy, you can eat it and breath it and scrapbook it like crazy, and it will make you happy, and it will be your friend forever, because you will love it, and it will love you back!!

...I'm doing some advertising here, but doesn't get any cooler than this, does it???

Have a glorious pink evening!!!!**

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

some new creations....

...I tried some new angles for the photography:)
still, my design team stuff is not up *blush* I forgot to take my camera to work today, I will on friday, promise.... but, the plan for this springs classes is up, at, have a look, I hope some of you will come:)
....rain rain rain today...and more looks like it'll never stop....

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I have fun news!!

me, and the girls I work with at Papertrends, are now officially our store's Design Team:D:D I've never tried being Design Team on a regulare basis before, I just know it will be great fun, I look so much forward to all the fun scrapping!! I already made three lay-out's with the Pop Culture line from KI Memories, so bright and colorful, but I left them in the store, so I didn't take photos yet, I will do it as soon as I can, and post them here!
this lay-out is very special for me, the photo shows my grandparents very young, yet umarried, and in love. they stayed in love for more than 60 years after. now they've both passed away, and I miss them terribly, I will never quite get over it, there's still so much I want to tell them about, and so many stories I want to hear, and I wish that my grandfather had lived long enough to meet my sweet boyfriend, they would have matched great...
but, I'm lucky, I got to keep them really long, and I have wonderful memories!!
this LO is also promo for one of the classes I'm teaching this spring, also at Papertrends, that's also why I'm really proud it's of my grandparents, it's a class about not having to scrap old photographs in a traditional way.
actually, I will teach a lot of different classes the coming month, I'm really looking forward to it, I hope lots of you will come!! the dates will be up very soon, I'll post them when I know excactly:)

...then...some 70-ies eye candy...

...this used to be my kitchen, but as you know I'm moving, so I've taken everything down... (sure, I made lots of photos first...)

and I also want to thank everybody who send me and my team good vibes last weekend!! I'm sure it helped, thanks so much for thinking of us!!*
we lost the game, but our team had a great spirit, and I'm really optimistic for the future, I think we will be able to build up a new, strong team, though our most important goals are: to have fun, and include everyone!
tonight I will scrapp a lot, and make pizza with my man/my sweet boy/my best friend/my coolest everything....giggle**
have a great weekend everybody**

Saturday, January 5, 2008 is the big match...

ok, it's not really something special, it's an ordinary hockey match, but it's important to me!! the circumstances are special, I can't go into details, it involves too many people close to me, but things that shouldn't have happened, still happened, people did what they shouldn't have done, people dissapointed me deeply... today is our first match since this incident, and what makes me happy, is that I know the rest of my team is happy too, we will do our best, and we will no matter what happens resultwise, still have our integrity!!!

I want to say one thing... MY TEAM IS CALLED FORWARD! I'm extremely proud to play for Forward, and I will always be!! I will give everything for my team! I will be so exhausted afterwards, if it can helt us we win today, I think we deserve it! I don't want to be melodramaqueen, but this is how it feels...I've got a strange feeling in my stomach, I didn't sleep so well last night...

Please, cheer for us, send us your good vibes, I know it will help***:):)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy new year**

I made a little will be the last little friend for a while now, my flat is a mess, I'm packing my stuff into cardboard boxes, and it feels very good, but it's not possible to do anything useful here hi hi my scrapping stuff is at my boyfriends place, so that's the only thing I can do...but that's also the best thing, so I'm happy!
yesterday, I celebrated new year with my scrapping partners in crime, we were scrapping before the clock striked 12, and we were scrapping afterwards, into the late was great fun, it was defintitely the best way to celebrate new year!!:D
I made a little count, and I found out that I made 189 LO's in 2007, + 3 double LO's, and some albums...I already made 2 in 2008*

...and this is the little friend I made for my's a very kind little fellow, he's always happy, and he's faithful and a little shy...

I hope everybody had a great start of 2008, I hope it will be the year of scrapbooking, I'm predicting scrapbooking for all of you, I know it's a good idea!!