Sunday, December 23, 2007

pink christmas**

today I've been wrapping my last gifts, it's for my boyfriend, I made him different stuff, the last thing was a cassette, (I trust he won't read my blog just now...) with our favorite songs on...I'm really a cassette girl, tape recorders were the essential item of my childhood, (of course, the record player also was, I still love all my lp's, and still have a record player to this day, but...I remember so foundly all my children music on tape...that came with a little book, and you could follow the story in the book while listening, and when you heard a "drrring", you had to turn the page over...)so...I'm a cassette fan, and my teenage years consisted of making tons of mixed tapes, "best of soundtracks", "best of 50ies", "best of Tove":) ...and really, though I make cd's now, it's much more fun with the cassettes, I like the small sounds on the tape when you stop and start between the songs, no fear of the computer making a mess, and the best; you can end the cassette twice!! if you have two songs that are perfect, and you can't choose between them, there's one for each side. I love the fact that you have to turn the cassette around. I'm a retro girl...cassettes are already retro, I notice in fashion and everywhere...but for me, it's my childhood!!

Now...I'm ready for christmas with my bunny! bunny bunny is so sweet! I don't think he knows he's being exposed on the internet ha ha ha Now I relax and just wait for my boyfriend to come, we will have hot chocolate, and tomorrow, we'll watch cartoons and eat candy!!

...there's one more thing...there's snow's so beautiful, it's unbeliveable. I've been posting photos earlier, but I can't resist, here's one more!!...

I'll have a lazy evening...just browsing scrapbooking blogs and eat fruit...I'm a junkie for clementines, I eat so many everyday, I wonder if it's possible to get a vitamin-c shock, maybe I'll explode, or turn orange...??

pink christmas to everybody, I wish you the most beautiful holiday, be happy and enjoy** and thanks to everybody who's stepping by, I wish you the greatest, creative scrabooking year ever!! we rock, don't we??