Wednesday, December 19, 2007

it's my tree!!

I finally managed to find a white tree!! I wanted a big one, but they only had small ones left... then, later yesterday, after I was home, decorating my small tree, whom I already was in love it, despite the fact that it's only 50 cm or father called, and said: I got you a big tree, I found one!! so, he lives 1,5 hour drive away, and I will get a big tree for next year!! I don't mind, I'm so happy for my tree now, since I searched everywhere to find one... My flamingo is in the middle of the tree, it's my favorite!
tomorrow, I'll post bunny photos! hair is pink again!:):)

...and, I almost forgot, I got a little challenge from Scrappelise... 7 wishes you have for will try to do it... stress, no rush, no checking the time
2.that the beautiful white frost outside will last till after christmas
3.that everyone will be happy and confident!
4.of course, I wish for peace, and some more politic that bothers me: I wish that our elderly people will be treated properly by our lazy government, that teachers, nurses and kindergarten teachers will get the salary and status they deserve, because they work they're butts off, and they're so important! and...I wish that everybody who needs it, will get medical treatment, without queing for months and years...
5.ok, that was a long this is shorther:I wish that no animals will have to suffer!!
6....I hope maybe my dreams will come true, and I hope the dreams of my friends and my family also will come true...
7.that my creativity will keep coming, that I will keep scrapbooking forever...!!

I'm sure I have now forgotten a whole lot of wishes...but that's for now..!


_Kine said...

Så søtt tre!! Jeg har tittet på Hello Kitty juletrelys og pynt på ebay i hele høst. Men jeg tror den bedre halvdelen hadde fått litt fnatt. Det er dog mulig at jeg kjøper det i smug og sniker det fram neste år ;)

Fatima said...

Riktig GOD JUL til deg. Håper du får noen av ønskene dine. Har du vært snill jente ? Sikkert og da blir det alltid bra.
Veldig søtt tre foresten

Nora said...

Så fint tre du har fått:D Rosa hår ja, jeg har kjøpt hårfarge jeg også for jeg hadde jo tenkt å farge det, men har ikke fått somlet meg til det ennå da..:) God jul!

Anne Bente said...

åhhhhh, hvvor er det dog et enormt lækkert træ du der har, super sødt er det :)

donaldx said...

swing from branch to branch in your flamingo tree-awesome.manfred mann hadde 1 hit med Pretty Flamingo.
hilsen Daddi-O.

Scrappelise said...

Merry, merry, happy, happy,glad, god kjempemegafin jul er det jeg håper du får sammen med din barske , kule, pene venn! Og en vanlig koselig gammeldags god jul til deg med stor juleklem fra Anne Lise.