Saturday, November 22, 2014

Daguerreo photo base

I'm sorry that blogging yesterday didn't happen, I had the best intentions, but the day turned out to be really long and hard, and I fell asleep when I got him, knowing I was going to hockey practice later from 22.00-23-00, oh dear.... I know, it's crazy. But I had a good nights sleep, the sky is almost blue, and I have a real treat for you today. The daguerreobase is a photo base with pictures from contributors all over Europe; museums, archives, libraries and also private collectors. You can search the photos and get a unique glimpse of the past, made by the first photographers in Europe. 

What is a daguerreotype? The daguerreotype was the first commercially successful photographic process (1839-1860s) in the history of photography. Named after the inventor, Louis Jaques Mandé Daguerreo, each daguerreotype is a unique image on a silvered copper plate. It's accurate, detailed and sharp. Numerous portrait studios opened their doors from the 1840s and forward, daguerreotypes were of course very expensive, and only the wealthy could afford to have their portrait taken. But not only people were photographed, daguerreotype was used to record many different subjects, such as natural phenomenas and remarkable events. This web-site is a treasure. Enjoy your weekend at   It's very addicting! 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Oslo today

Wet, rainy, grey, but oh, so beautiful still! Stensparken, Fagerborg. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bunny in b/w

I've been b/w challenged at Facebook, so I thought I'd post some old b/w photos of Bunny. What a relaxed gentleman! (Hipstamatic: rock+libatique)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The big flower post

These are photos from summer. I seriously think we need them now. And don't you think Oslo is beautiful i July?  xoxo

Monday, November 17, 2014

My depression is here....

...of course I knew it would happen. It does every year. It's November, it's grey, I haven't seen the sun in I don't know how long, and I'm boring you all with writing about it in 90% of my posts. What can I do????? I'm desperate ha ha, I want some light, I mean, I drive to work and it's dark, I drive home, and it's just as dark. This photo is lying as h***, no way the sky was blue, but the lighting did the trick I guess... Blue sky is for dreaming only. Now I'm at home, baking bread in the machine again. Thank God for the machine. I actually had a nice trip to Huk earlier today, the trees were magnificent, like a fairytale. I'm also working on some projects that I can't share yet, and I'm trying to take cryptic photos, and the lightning is t e r r i b l e!!!!

Trym is coming soon. I think we'll make a fast pizza.... More trees some other day, I got b/w  photos too! Hang on, there hope out there, there must be:D 


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Theater evening

Trym and I went to Det Norske Teater yesterday with two friends, we saw their absolute brilliant performance of Woyzeck, with Tom Waits' music, that I cannot find enough superlatives to describe. It was magic. Don't miss it! 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Abandoned Risløkka

It's hard to share good photos when the weather is...well...non-excistent, but here's some pictures I took earlier this fall of abandoned places around Risløkka. I was biking randomly and discovered this little cottage (above). This house is an example of the first houses of the area. They were set up as summer houses, but soon people started moving in permanently, as the conditions downtown was horrid. (Tiny apartments, toilet in the backyard, rats, no sun, mould etc etc). Here people had the chance to grow their own vegetables and own their own little place, in a more healthy environment. Later the houses were expanded, or torn down to build something bigger. This area development goes for several places around in Oslo, and still some of the first cottages are preserved. This is one of them. Though, it seems it might fall down very soon....

I also found an old "park". It's a Norwegian phenomena, not a kindergarden, but sort of a kindergarden "light", were kids could spend a few hours of the day, outdoors, with a park teacher looking after them and playing with them. The kids would eat outside too, maybe the house had a small room and a toilet, but outdoor life was the intention. Now, Oslo only have one "park" left, and most of the old, abandoned parks are waiting to be demolished. I loved this one, very cute. 

Finallly, an abandoned 30ies house, wonderfully preserved, but in need of some maintenance. The inside wasn't much to brag about, I looked through the window, and it looked like the had teared everything down to start renovation. Anyway, it was still possible to enjoy this beauty before windows and everything is gone, and it will just look like every other house...