Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beautiful Norway

On our way to Nes last weekend....

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Need to relax...

I realized yesterday evening how stressed out I really am. I'm running back and forth, trying to squeeze in as much driving as possible, working, playing hockey...but in the end my driving ends up stressed too, and I loose all my confidence and don't know if I will ever manage. I decided to skip gymnastics today, just staying at home with Trym, eating meat and squash-pie, watching Twin Peaks and just breath. I'm not practicing any driving tonight, and it's perfectly alright. Saturday, I got back from two hockey games, I bought a bottle of sparkling water, put in the fridge to cool it down....and forgot it. It only appeared in my mind again yesterday. I bought this sparkling apple water because I really had an urge for it, and afterwards didn't spare it a thought until three days later! Crazy! 

I snapped some photos from my day.... I went vegetable shopping, and also dropped by my fave Asian store. And don't let the gym ball fool you. I didn't work out in a while lol:D

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Littlephant gems

Absolutely not a sponsored post!

Designer and illustrator Camilla Lundsten is the super creative soul behind the Swedish brand Littlephant. Aren't the colors and patterns sweet as candy floss? I love every single piece of their collection, Littlephant makes my life brighter. They make beautiful toys, interior accessories for children, but even if you don't have kids, you'll find something you just can't walk away from. At least I can't...

How can you seriously choose just one bag? I ended up with the one in the middle, so it would match with my more colorful clothes, but really, I want them all. Especially the one with the balloons. Or the yellow one. Or the black and white. Oh, well....

And what about this friend? How can you not love him? He's about one meter tall, and I so wish could knit one. 

Littlephant blog and store can be found here! They have a showroom and shop in Stockholm too, at Runebergsgatan. Opening hours vary, but check the web for details. You'll meet the sweets girls in the sweetest shop that is like, yes, well, a sweet shop. 

Do you like Littlephant? My heart is most definitely lost!

Monday, September 15, 2014

My log has something to tell you!

Trym and I are watching our Twin Peaks-box again. It's so good. It's just SO good! How I managed to choose just a few shots of agent Cooper, and not to mention Audrey, I have no idea. But Log Lady is still my favorite. Always!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lots and lots of hearts!

My weekend has been filled with hockey and more hockey, and I had to get up early Saturday (not exactly what you wish for when you're off work!), and I love hockey and we had great fun, but I didn't get to relax as much as I could wish for, and I saw Trym way too little to. 
My weekend started out the best possible way, "babysitting" my colleagues kids. The word "babysitting" is just SO wrong, they are not babies, and it's not like they need to be watched or taken care of in the way a babysitter-way, I should just say I was hanging out with Vilde and Mathias. We had so much fun! After having taco, we decided to make a chocolate cake, and the decorating ideas for our out-of-this-world-chocolate-cake got a little out of hand. Constant laughs! The cake turned out very tasty and very loaded, I had no voice when I got back home, as I had chatted too much. Watch us go through the process:

It's totally important to taste the quality of the dough. Below Vilde is making her famous chocolate truffles. 

The finished product. Decoration consists of whipped cream, caramel sauce, cake color, sweet jelly candy, sour jelly candy, jelly bellies, wine gum, a chupachup, pipes made of licorice, non-stop, sprinkle (lots of it) and of course, potato chips, laid out as the shape of a rose. Of course Mathias had even more ideas for it:D

Vilde made sure to photograph it all. The highlight was of course the firework, we just managed to finish the decoration and lit it up before mum got home. Thankfully we didn't set the place on fire. 

What a day! And thank you Vilde for the Instagram pics! Our cake was seriously the best ever!