Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Starting really fresh!

I've spend so much energy on learning to drive I now feel:

1. Totally exhausted and full of energy at the same time
2. Like a totally different person starting all fresh, but still me

Driving my own car is such freedom, being allowed to drive is a just awesome,  I've never experienced anything like it, I can't find anything to compare it with. Tonight I'm driving to gymnastics practice for the first time, no way I'm taking that bloody bus ever again mo-ha-hahahahahahah:D 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Willow sculptures by Tom Hare

I've been silent for two days, there's been too much on my mind. Yesterday I finally got my drivers license. It's been so stressful, a long, long story, and I can't really write too much about it right now, it's too exhausting, I can just say that it feels very surreal, that I'm very, very, very, very happy, and that Trym and I had the most wonderful ride yesterday evening, all dark, listening to Dire Straits in the car. 

Instead of posting endless photo of driving and writing even more about it, I want to share something really happy and inspirational. Actually this was one of the highlights of last summer for me: the willow sculptures by Tom Hare. The are placed on and about in the botanical garden of Oslo, and I cannot express how much I love them. Just can't. Tom Hare has made several willow sculptures around the world, you can find his website here

I'm so lucky, I can experience Tom Hare's magical work in the middle of my hometown. Have you seen them? Which one is your favorite? 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Craft room part II

Now on to the opposite wall of my craft room. I continued to place paper sheets on the wall, both the bears and the one further down, with foxes, are bought in Berlin. The blue and white below here I unfortunately don't remember. I print inspirational illustrations from Pinterest. 

This is a string of lights I made from old lamps. I wrote about it in an older post here. Below, Mr.Fox, from Lieblingsplatz in Berlin. 

This framed paper used to hang in my kitchen, but I moved it here, together with the foxes. The light ball slings can be bought several places, but a top tip is to get the cheap from Asia on Ebay. 

Here you can see it all from a distance. More photos? Ok, one more of the pretty foxes!

Of course, I really want a pretty craft room, but the reason I started to re-organize was that my supplies was a mess, my system didn't work, and I wasn't able to find anything. I'm now really happy about how it turned out, and that will be part III, but you have to wait some days for that. I tried to photograph today, but it's raining, the weather is SO GREY, it wasn't possible to get decent photos. We're definitely moving towards November. 

I hope you all have a lovely Saturday, tomorrow the hockey season start for real. Can't wait!!


Friday, October 17, 2014

Craft room part I

I have posted craft room photos before, but finally I was able to put the walls together too! I  knew I wanted a collage above the piano, but how....? It needed to be baked some in my head first. Now I'm really, really happy with it, and I love looking at my wall while sitting in the cosy chair opposite. 

The big paper flowers used to hang in my bed room, but had to be taken down when the new windows were installed. I decided to move them to this spot here, were there's a chimney inside the wall, and a perfect little corner for some color. 

I wanted different structures and different colors on my wall, so some pics are framed, some are just hung with washi and pins. I even hung a small crochet work I made last summer. The pelican is a watercolor by Michelle Morin, her work is truly beautiful. You can find her Etsy shop here

Inspired by the Mollie Makes wedding special I wanted some flowers on my wall. (I'm not getting married, I already am sort of married, at least we threw the party, and I'm very happy with having tied the knot in our own way, but I bought the magazine since it had so much fab decorating inspiration). So, these are IKEA fake flowers. I just removed the stems and fastened the flowers on the wall with small pins. 

When it comes to paper, I'm crazy about it. I can't have enough, and most of the time it's too pretty to use. I had several rolls of paper laying around just looking sweet, and I thought, hm, maybe I can put them on my wall? Well, I did. And it worked out. These apples I bought in Berlin, I think in Kastanienallee in a small shop. I adore it. As my last post showed, I can never have enough apples. My camera collection is just for fun, but most of them do function and I have film for them. Will dig more into that some day. Some day...

The old school desk I had been searching for a while. Not that I don't also want an old wooden 50ies school desk. I treasure school stuff, there's just something about it... This desk, and the chair (bought separately, at flea markets) are perfect for me. I often sit here when I write, as it gets me in the right mood. Now the apples add to it a lot. 

In the corner, some books. I'm working on the books, after I said goodbye to my shelfs (I didn't really say goodbye, they're down in the basement), my books are all over. (I had the shelfs for 15 years or something, I needed a change!). IKEA has the stuff I need, but they aren't in shops for sale yet, so I'm waiting.... But that's my wall. Happy? It does make me smile a lot:)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Illustrations in the making....

I promised you these yesterday, but then it snowed, and I took photos....;) 

I cannot hide the fact that I'll never grow tired of bright, 70ies apples and fruit. Also, I cannot say that they're completely done, no, they're not, the pink one needs more composition work and the yellow one is still just a pattern, but I wanted to share anyway, as it can be useful to see work in progress. I was asked a question on Instagram about how to find your style as an illustrator, and I can't say I'm there yet, and I can't really call myself an illustrator, but I love to draw and I do a lot of graphic design at work, so I'm planning a blog post on the subject. It could be interesting to hear you thoughts too. What's your style? What defines a style? 

I work both with pencil and with Adobe Illustrator, often the pencil drawing goes into my computer, but not all the time. Nothing beats the pencil feeling, but nothing beats digital work either. I think I love both equally. 

Later today I'll show off part I of my craft room, as it's now finally done. I'm in the big chair right now, with all the lights turned on, I love being in here, it's very, very cosy. 

See you later, hope your Friday will be beautiful! 

The first snow

Of course it's not staying. But I love the combo of white snow and autumn colors. Photos are taken this morning. Now it's raining....

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Some projects

I feel much better today! Thank you everybody who's listening and sending me such nice messages:) And of course, nothing did wonders more than chatting with Trym late yesterday evening by the kitchen table, drinking chocolate milk. 

Today my energy is back and I'm making plans for my living room. Finishing my pillow yesterday also made me re-think another project, that started out as a napkin/tablecloth (from Arne & Carlos' book "Knit and crochet garden"), but then I loved the flowers so much I decided to make a blanket. Of course it was madness, since I have another everlasting blanket project going on already, and now I wonder if I should just make a laaaaaarge pillow instead. I don't know what pattern or color to place underneath my crocheting yet, but a pillow is definitely more doable than a blanket. Just a few more....

I also have this lamp that is starting to look really sad. I'm planning to refresh it, maybe with yarn in bright colors. I have to read a little bit about how-to first, but it's most definitely time. I mean, were did the red go???

I'm also drawing some. This has gone into Illustrator today, though the sketch is not really finished yet. It doesn't matter. I like to work ad hoc. I have two other digi files I will share tomorrow. Nothing finished, still it does make me happy. What makes you happy this afternoon? 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My pillow!

I seriously just have to let go...but it's so hard. I'm bothering myself with all these silly thoughts that are past, and I can't convince myself it's top of stupidity and that I'm a different person now. Why is that so impossible? Weekend was great, it was a change, I'm trying to keep myself going by crafting and drawing again. I came home from work and finished my pillow. It do help a little. Especially since the sewing needed three tries. I gave up two times, but then got back on track again. 

Ok, it turns out I'm suddenly all fragile today and making a pillow sort of helped. I've learned the popcorn stitches from Mollie Makes. Sorry I'm not doing a tutorial, maybe later. Do you like the colors? I really heart them! The yarn is Dale cotton, midi. (Maybe it's also called something else?) They have candy colors to die for. It also comes in mini. I used crochet needle 3,5. 

How is your day? What do you do to turn your mind around when it's acting silly? 

xoxo Tove

Monday, October 13, 2014

The shopping, finally....

I got some mail order from La Redoute on Friday. I think they're my favorite catalogue. This is the sweater I wore to work today. Puuuuuuuurrrrrrrr, ey?!

I also got two more sweaters, as I really, really need sweaters. I already bought some more autumn wear a while ago that I haven't shared yet. I will. I promise:)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Beautiful, beautiful autumn!

Today Maria and I went on a road trip to Ingierstrand. Both to practice driving, and to really feel and breath the fabulous weather we suddenly got.... Early this morning it was raining non-stop, but then it all took a very pleasant turn...

Ingierstrand is Oslo's fab modernist bath, build in 1931 and newly restored. A treasure, very popular in summer. The restaurant (above) has also re-opened, after being closed down for decades. 

Marvelous Oslo! One of our most famous modernist icons. Below Maria is testing the 1931 staircase. 

After Ingierstrand we drove on to Hvervenbukta and Stubljan, where there once stood a fabulous manor, that sadly burned down in 1913, but some of the magnificent trees in the garden are preserved, as well as some smaller houses, and not to mention the gazebo by the sea. It is now listed and will be preserved. 

The blacksmith's house. Or the gardeners. The information on the sign was a bit schizophrenic...

We concluded with a cup of hot chocolate, as every good Norwegian seeking nature. My Sunday couldn't have been any better. And now Trym is back from the cottage too, we will just relax and have some meringues from yesterday. 

xoxo have a great Sunday evening!